74 thoughts on “What is a “Logo Reveal”?

    1. That kind of change would take a whole new render. But technically it’s possible if I went into the original 3D files, made the changes, and started a whole new render (and then wait 12 hours, LOL). :)

  1. Izzy, you never cease to amaze me by coming up with answers to questions I am trying to address. This is really cool and can’t wait until it is available. Thank you!! bob

  2. These are very good looking effects! In fact, they look better than the rest of the programming I produce. ‘Must step it up!

  3. Looking at effects from some of the other busineses
    and yours is much better. and your price is always better.

    1. Almost none of it is done in Motion. :)

      I’m using a separate piece of 3D software called Blender to create the animations, and then I add the Drop Zones for the logos using Motion. So basically, the template assembly and compositing is done in Motion, but I use Blender to create the animations.

  4. All amazing Izzy but my favourite is the blob coming out on the conveyor belt and the logo gets stamped down on it. Blender and Motion look to be an impressive combination.

  5. This looks fantastic!! You keep on expanding possibilities… can’t wait for the release… you’re the best man…

  6. wow you make me wanna learn this software too. you are doing great stuff. I remember you did training session for blender but I was not sure if to get into it but this video is tempting :)

  7. So Izzy, what have you been doing while you’re stuck at home? Just working around the house? Oh, btw, those are some awesome animations!

    1. If you mean learn how to make these animations? Not yet. I’m not sure how much interest there is in learning how to make them, but I could check with the members.

      There is plenty of training about Apple Motion in the membership library. And that’s one of the tools I used in the process of creating them.

      1. Hi Izzy, saw this comment and wanted to add I for one would be very interested in a tutorial on how the final composition is put together in Motion, like adding the drop zone into the animations.

  8. Izzy! You’re making great use of your enforced stay at home time. These are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! And anyone who watched the “How to customize flow modules” webinar last week will have a great head start on dropping custom objects into these after they are available (HINT: an official request for lots of drop zones!).

    Stay home; stay safe, make awesome videos

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