Izzy Video #429 – How to Create Custom 3D Objects for Motion

You can download the video file by right-clicking (control-clicking) on the link below:

Well, you might have noticed that Apple released updates for Motion (and Final Cut Pro and Compressor) a couple days ago.

I was particularly excited about our ability to use 3D objects in Motion now, so I’ve been playing with that *a lot* since the update.

I like that Motion comes with a collection of 3D objects in the Library, and I like that we can download 3D objects from the web and use them.

But of course the next thing I wanted to try was making a custom 3D object and importing it into Motion.

Well, after testing dozens of workflows, I found one that works consistently, and I made this video showing the workflow that I settled on.

I hope the information is useful!

Why I Think More Creators Should Be Using Blender for Motion Graphics

Blender for Motion Graphics

I want to make a case today, and I suppose it could be a bit surprising.

Or maybe not too surprising if you’ve been following my work for the past year or so.

What is the case I want to make? Well, I think more people should be using Blender for motion graphics.

This is my opinion, but it’s an opinion that has grown stronger as I’ve used Blender for more and more motion graphics projects. Also, I’m not alone in this. I’ve seen several other people using Blender for motion graphics as well.

I think it’s an incredible tool in a lot of ways, and it’s an even more incredible value because it’s free and open source software.

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