A little surprise for you… :)

Here’s a little surprise for you…

This is a small bundle of three different animation loops which you can use directly inside Final Cut Pro.

They’re seamless loops so you can make them as long or short as you want in your Final Cut Pro projects, and they show up in the Generators browser so you can just drag them into your projects as needed.

Click here to download the free animation loop bundle. (about 443 MB)

Oh, and the animations are 4K so they’ll work in projects of any size up to 4K.

The installation instructions are just like other themes. If you need a refresher on how to install them, check out this video for instructions on installing themes.

(An instructional video is also included inside the download).

Anyway, enjoy the animation loops!

20 thoughts on “A little surprise for you… :)

      1. I’m sure it’s a short list. ;-)

        I’ll be able to use the templates once I update FCPX. I’m still on OS 10.12.6. I still need to make and burn DVDs, so an update has to wait until I can add a new iMac. I’m still using a 2011. Other programs besides FCPX/Motion/Compressor are asking for upgrades. I’ll keep the old one around.


    1. Izzy, I know that you have made sets for us to use with drop zones. However, as primary as it is for some, I have never been taught how to use drop zones. Every time I try with photos they are usually either distorted or don’t fit right cutting out most of the photo. I know this is basic but can you please make a course on how to use drop zones for photos, especially with the sets that you have created and sold recently?

    1. These require the current version of Final Cut Pro for them to work as they are.

      That said, you could actually download them, unzip them, then go into the “Media” folder for each of the templates and pull out the underlying video of the animation and use them in your projects. They just won’t be readily available from the Generators Browser.

      So that’s a work-around until you get around to upgrading in the future. :)

      I hope that helps!

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