Small Story: For the Love of Dragons

This Small Story submission comes from Mark DiNatale.

He shot it in about 30 minutes and spent about an hour editing.

I think it fits the spirit of the Small Story concept well.

  • It tells a story in under two minutes.
  • It uses documentary-style storytelling techniques.
  • The piece isn’t trying to be a polished, professional piece. It’s simply a way to practice telling stories.

As you watch it, do you get a sense that you could do it too? I hope so… One of the main reasons I’m sharing all these Small Story examples is so you’ll get inspired and give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Small Story: For the Love of Dragons

  1. This was a great piece. Short, to the point, and answered all the questions a good short should. Imagine how great this will be for the child to watch when he is in his thirties, and thinking back to his childhood.

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