Small Story: Artist, Bill Zaner

This Small Story submission comes from Pat Whitty. It features a painter named Bill Zaner. Take a look…

Here are some of the strengths I noticed from Pat’s video:

  • It contains a variety of shots: inside the RV, outside the RV, landscapes, sunrise, interview shots.
  • Related to the above note — It uses several cut-away shots to give us a sense of time and place.
  • Pat uses interview footage directly, and he also uses the audio from the interview as effective voice-overs during B-roll cutaways.

Overall, this is another nice example of a Small Story video.

Side note — Not sure what a Small Story is? Check out my Small Stories Manifesto.

5 thoughts on “Small Story: Artist, Bill Zaner

  1. Interesting story and shots to back it up. I liked the mixture of interview, driving shots, live painting shots, and finished work to round out the story.

    Very interesting character. To be able to return to the same place over and over again and to not find it getting stale or boring is very curious to me.

    1. Very creative work,, with some nice professional thorough cut aways, to capture all meticulous details to create the story, using precise voice over i.e. no waffle or wasted words to detail & sum things up….lastly excellent camera work, I love it.

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