Intro to 360° Video in Final Cut Pro X


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If you’ve never experienced 360° video, I’ll describe it like this: It’s incredibly immersive.

And the good news is that Final Cut Pro X has built-in tools to help us work with 360° video.

My new training, “Intro to 360° Video in Final Cut Pro X”, has two goals:

  1. To help you become familiar with 360° video (which is one of the reasons I’m including practice media for you to use and experience)
  2. To help you learn the tools Final Cut Pro X includes for working with 360° video.

This training includes 13 videos and totals 53 minutes, and it includes practice media for you to use. (And the videos are downloadable in case you want to watch them when you’re offline.)

It’s packed with useful information. This will help you get started working with 360° video in Final Cut Pro X.