Now Available: “Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X”

Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X

I’m thrilled to announce that my new course is now available!

It’s called “Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X”.

There’s a discount and bonus during the launch period.

What’s included?

CLICK HERE to see the details.

I hope you love it!

All the best,

P.S.> Make sure you take a look right away before the discount and bonus expire.

CLICK HERE to see more.

4 thoughts on “Now Available: “Telling Stories with Final Cut Pro X”

  1. I am presenting on Final Cut Pro X to the Alaskan Apple Users Group in Anchorage AK on Wednesday April 13, 2016 and will direct AAUG attendees to your “Telling Stories with FCPX”. I have Izzy Videos: FCP basic, FCPX advanced, Motion and now “Telling Stories”. My AAUG presentation is only a 25 min so will touch on layout, Libraries, few Shortcuts, audio tips, basic F/X & Transitions and a basic title. Thank you Izzy for your great guidance and tutorials.

  2. Thanks Izzy, I too have all your video tutorials. They are so helpful. I find there are always little gems of information that I have been struggling to figure out show up in each of your videos and collectively make the process easier and more fun! Appreciate all the tips.

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