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New 10.3 Version of Final Cut Pro X! (and Motion, and Compressor)

New Final Cut Pro X version 10.3

Yesterday Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro X. I’ve been digging into it since the moment it got released, and I really like it.

It’s only been one day, so I have plenty more to explore.

But here’s what is clear so far: It has a bunch of useful new features!

And of course I’m planning to cover them once I’ve had a chance to spend some quality time using them.

By the way, Motion and Compressor were also updated.

I should also mention that I’m going to be creating all new courses. These new updates are big enough to justify the effort. For example the interface changed dramatically.

My plan is to start by creating a new Basic Final Cut Pro X course, so you can watch for that one first.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as I make progress.

I get energized by useful updates. I have to say…These are some exciting times for media makers like us!

41 thoughts on “New 10.3 Version of Final Cut Pro X! (and Motion, and Compressor)

  1. I agree.
    The new update even seems to make FCPX faster when outputting.
    (Hopeful optimism?)

    Now to find the new locations of my favorite go-to options …

    1. I’m definitely loving how responsive it is. Everything seems faster inside the app itself. :)

  2. Izzy, I just purchased your anniversary special so I am glad that you are like always on top of the new upgrades. Will my purchase entitle me to view your new courses as I have not downloaded what I bought yet. Thank you for your great help. Robert

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for being a customer. :)

      Because I’m going to be recording all these courses over again, they’ll be separate purchases, but I’m planning deep discounts for current customers like yourself.

      These courses take quite a bit of time to make, so you might want to watch the current videos which you recently purchased in the meantime. A lot of the functionality is still the same (especially the basics), but the interface has changed quite a bit (for the better).

      1. Izzy,

        I’m a longtime fan and it’s good to know you’ll be updating your courses to the latest versions of FCPX, Motion and Compressor — released October 2016. THANK YOU!!!

  3. I meant great idea, sorry for the typo

  4. “I get energized by useful updates” – and you certainly have LOTS of energy between updates too!

    Really looking forward to your new stuff. Keep up the good work!

    Best, Brian.

    1. Very kind of you, Brian. Thanks! :)

  5. While it’s nice that Apple has incorporated new features into FCPX, I don’t understand why the interface is much darker (gloomy) and why the function buttons were moved and re-grouped. Some of these imporvements seems to fit the adage of change for the sake of change especially considering the time it will take to learn the new interface. I would have preferred options that allowed an editor to choose the location of function buttons and select among several schemes.

    1. Well I can’t speak for Apple, but personally I like the darker interface because it creates enormous contrast with my video images and makes them “pop” more. :)

      I hear you though. Interface changes cause me to develop new habits…

      1. Trouble with making videos pop against a black baground is we dial down the saturation and then they look washed out on clients normal screens. Personally I’d like the option to switch to a pale background rather than have to print a movie, check on a normal desktop, go back to fcpx, dull everything and print, check, rinse, repeat…

        1. Yes, for color grading for clients, it’s probably better to judge it on a calibrated external monitor. Good point though. :)

  6. Soooo glad you are going to create new courses for the upgrades. I look forward to each video you send, they always save me so much time.


  7. Izzy,

    the age old question – do you think it’s necessary to wait to update until you finish any outstanding or incomplete projects? I have a few that I’m working on, that are just dragging. I’ve done it before and there weren’t problems. I also was wondering if it significantly changes anything related to libraries or changes libraries you already have (like the big 10.20 update a couple years back).

    1. If you’re in the middle of an important project, I always recommend waiting. But I’m pretty cautious.

      Sure, it’s likely nothing would go wrong, but maybe it doesn’t make sense to risk it. :)

  8. Which OS does it use?

    1. It requires El Capitan (10.11.4) or higher. I have it installed on MacOS Sierra.

  9. I always look forward to your updating tutorials. It makes life much more easier.
    Best of thoughts Izzy.

  10. Looking forward for the new Basic Final Cut Pro X 10.3 course!
    Kim Zeegers The Netherlands

  11. Glad you’re on top of this one Izzy. I look forward to your considered opinion at a later date. Perhaps you’ll even be able to give good reasons why many of the function buttons have been shifted around. I do hope there is some logic to this!
    I’ve upgraded to 10.3 on my MacBook Pro for a play around but have left my main machine – iMac – on 10.2.3 to enable speedy completion of standard tasks.

    Keep up the good work Izzy. You inspire us all
    Many thanks

    1. Smart to have both going. :)

  12. Look forward to your update videos Izzy but one pressing issue I have is why the audio folder I had with the links to the tracks you provided, and others, has disappeared. All I can find is the music / effects that FCPX provide and those in iTunes.

    I’m not sure why they found it necessary to split the functions buttons and place in opposite ends.

    I have also found that the project I was working on has gone and loads of old ones have appeared in the side bar?

    1. Yes the custom music folder capability is gone. I’m exploring different ways to handle that. There are a few different options and I’m still testing to see which one I like best.

      I’ll likely make a video about it before too long…

  13. I have always thoroughly enjoyed your videos because you explain things in layman’s terms. I will be planning on getting your new video when it’s out because I don’t assimilate new interfaces and new major updates very well. Your videos of always simplified things so even I can understand them. Looking forward to doing business with you once again Izzy.

  14. Izzy,

    I really appreciate your service to us. Is there any reason why I must install the new upgrade or can I just continue with 10.2 for now?


    1. In my experience, so far it’s faster and has more features. Do you need to upgrade yet? Not really, if you don’t want to.

      Personally I like it better than the previous version though. :)

  15. I took your course to learn Final Cut Express back in the Snow Leopard days, and I loved it! I’ve been without a computer for a while, but now I finally have another that’s capable of running the latest version of Final Cut X.

    It looks like my timing is good; I’m now looking forward to the new course! I’ll be starting from scratch because it’s been a while, and so much has changed since FCE.

    I really appreciate your careful and detailed instruction!


    1. Thanks, Michael! :)

  16. I have all your courses and they are excellent. I’d like to suggest a “differences” course for the new version as I doubt I would want to take the same material again on the new platform

    I agree that you need to re-do the material… a new FCP user would be starting on the latest version.


    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for being a customer. I’m working on the Basic FCPX course now. It will cover the same things as the current Basic course covers because folks new to the software need to know the basics. :)

      That said, I’m also planning to be create training around the differences between the previous version and the new one. Not sure how that will be packaged…

  17. Dear Izzy
    Looking forward for the new Basic Final Cut Pro X 10.3 course!


    1. Great, thanks. I’m working on it now. :)

  18. I have installed fcp 10.3 on my 2013 macbook pro i5 and in did a export comparison test with my Mac Pro late 2013 8-core which has still the 10.2 version of FCPx and compressor.
    I did an 4K 30 sec 422HQ commercial to vimeo file export.
    On my macbook pro it took 1m50sec and on my mac pro 9 minutes. That is a 5 factor!!!
    Imagine my old macbook pro totally outruled her big brother.
    I don’t know but they did something really good in the new FCPX 10.3

  19. I’ve done all of your previous tutorials on FCPX, and really value your opinion. Everything is still working great for me on my Mid-2012 MBP, I have yet to give up Aperture for my professional photo storage (30,000 photos), organization and it is working well with ElCap. I have old Iphoto libraries as well, and have used those within FCPX seamlessly. I only have my personal & family photos in the Photos App/iCloud. So…my video documentary productions rely heavily on the ease of still photo integration with my video (all shot on DSLR Canon 70D). What are your thoughts on the new OsSierra, FCPX, compressor etc, and still photo organization?

    1. Phew, that’s a bunch of big questions. :)

      Generally, I’ll say I like the new interface and features that I’ve used so far of MacOS Sierra, FCPX, Compressor, etc.

      For still photos, I use Adobe Lightroom as my catalog, so it doesn’t integrate with FCPX at all really. :)

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