34 thoughts on “Music Download: New Style

  1. Thanks! I’m taking my 10 yo daughter and her friend camping this weekend. It might be the perfect beat for the video I have in mind. Thanks so much! I have to say that I used to “compose” my own music with Garage Band using the loops and loaded to YouTube but consistently was told that was “owned” by someone else. I’d fight and win but it was a hassle.

  2. Hi Izzy, I thank you so much. At the moment I learn from you the color correction course. Great. I already used one of your free music records….thanks!
    Keep on going.

  3. Another very useful and brilliant gift from Izzy. You are a real talent and is so kind of you to share your skills with your customers. The music tracks you have kindly given freely are so useful. Thanks again Izzy. Paul in Sydney Australia.

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