Moving a Camera

You can get some amazing shots by moving the camera when you’re shooting video.

That is… as long as it’s intentional. Accidental movement (shaky hands) tends not to look so awesome.

You have plenty of different options for moving the camera, and more are getting invented all the time.

This video briefly introduces several different ways to move a camera.

I hope you find it helpful!

10 thoughts on “Moving a Camera

  1. I also use a small Sony HDR-CX760V camera mounted to a Vello VB-1000 “Action Pan” handle to help obtain smooth camera movement in tight spaces. This camera has a balanced “steady shot” function lens which really helps get jitter-free shots.
    . . . Bob Curlee

  2. Since I canĀ“t afford a real steadycam thing, I use the swedish Easyrig with a Panasonic AG-AC90, which have tremendious 5-axis optical and digital stabilizer, so its almost like an expensive steadycam, but thanks again for all your great short videos.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t cover a jib which combines a lot of the elements of movement. And you can go way high and way low..panning all the while. More range than a slider and multi axis.

    1. Dennis, a jib would be great to show for sure. I don’t own one though so I couldn’t include it in this video. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rent one for a future video… :-)

  4. Hey Izzy
    Talking about camera moves and camera shakes I was woundering why you didn’t mention a Gimbel arm like the one they have on the Phantom 2 ever since getting the Phantom 2 my video steadiness has improved a lot in family videos. I am also interested in a hand held Gimbel for the GOPRO. Arn’t Gimbels and steady cam devices the same thing?

    Rob M

    1. Good points. Yes, they accomplish the same thing. The electronic stabilizers are producing amazing results. I originally made this video a couple years ago and they weren’t as available or popular, which is why I didn’t mention them. I didn’t even know about them then. :-)

      I pulled this video from the member library to share it publicly.

  5. That was awesome. I liked the technique. Have you ever thought of siting on a wheelchair and have someone push while taking shorts?

  6. Izzy.

    Always love your stuff. The line that made me watch 3 times here was “Start with the end frame” and then choose your start frame – because the last frame will have the greatest impact on the viewer. Of course it will! That little jewel was the piece I wanted you to go on and on about.

    I know years back you created another video about moving the camera to add interest to the shot and I know you often talk about editing on the movement to hide the edit. And I’d love to see a little piece on your thoughts about editing movement. Maybe it’s already here and I just need to put it all together.

    Thanks much.

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