Kinetic Typography: Swinging Text in Motion 5

Here is another video that demonstrates “kinetic typography” in Motion 5.

In this one, I show a way you can create a swinging text effect. This is where text swings into place.

You can watch the video for the specific steps, but the basic workflow goes like this:

  1. Add the text
  2. Adjust the anchor point of the text
  3. Add an oscillate parameter behavior to the rotation
  4. Keyframe the oscillate behavior so it decreases over time
  5. Adjust the offset so the text starts in an up position

In the end, you’ll have text that swings into place.

This is another interesting way you can move text in Motion 5.

I hope you find this “kinetic typography” video helpful.

7 thoughts on “Kinetic Typography: Swinging Text in Motion 5

  1. Nice video, Izzy! QUESTION: Is there a behavior that you could add to the title that would do a “ramp down” to stop the swinging without having to add keyframes?

  2. Love it! You know what’s cool about your videos, Izzy? They always leave me thinking “Wow, okay if I can do that, how else could I use that effect?” In other words, you inspire me. Thanks.

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