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Introducing the “Introducer”

Lower thirds are great options for many (most?) situations, but sometimes you want something with a little more pizzazz, a little more excitement.

That’s where the “Introducer” comes in. This video demonstrates what an “Introducer” is…

Pretty cool stuff, right? :)

I started calling these special titles “Introducers” because that’s what they do: introduce a person or thing.

Why am I talking about this? I’ll be including an Introducer with each of my upcoming themes. Stay tuned for more info on them…

24 thoughts on “Introducing the “Introducer”

  1. cool, does this need motion also?

  2. Yes, it needs Motion.

    If you have Motion on your computer, you can also use it in Final Cut Pro X (which is faster and easier).

    Edit: You CAN use the templates (including the Introducers) in FCPX without Motion (as Luis mentions in a comment below). I hadn’t ever tested using them on a computer without Motion, but I just did on a different machine, and sure enough it worked. Thanks for the clarification, Luis. :)

  3. hi, looks awesome looking forward .. is it included in the membership?

    1. Introducers will be part of the upcoming template bundle I’ll be offering — which will be separate from the membership.

      That said, I recently added a bonus template to the membership area. It doesn’t have an introducer, but if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you might want to pop in there. :)

  4. As usual…Izzy does it again. Can hardly wait for the templates. Thanks Izzy!!

  5. Like it Iz!

  6. Looks awesome!!!

  7. Great show again Iz… please do go on !!

  8. great notion and very well done, as usual.
    But one comment I think needs a clarification: you need Motion to *create* an introducer, but not to use one. Case in point: if one buys the upcoming bundle of themes one does not need to have Motion installed in order to use them.

  9. Luis, thanks for the clarification. I hadn’t ever tested them on a computer without Motion, but I just did on a separate computer, and it indeed worked. :)

  10. tutorials are well done,i can only hope your family members are getting paid scale!

  11. Awesome Izzy!

  12. Thanks Luis and you too Izzy. By instal them do you mean put them in a folder in the movie folder or what, I am a newbee to fcpx.

    1. Mac, the second video on this page shows an example of how to install a template:

      I hope that helps…

  13. Thanks Izzy. Adding templates to FCPX gives us something like old iDVD ? Fantastic then. Will you include a template one can build up individually ?

    1. CKAx, No these aren’t DVD templates. They’re templates for the video itself, not for authoring DVD’s.

  14. Nice, Will add a Great touch of professionalism to many videos.

  15. I really like this idea. “Excellent????

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