How to Use Drop Zones: Part 2

Drop Zones can be powerful time-saving tools in Final Cut Pro. This video is part 2 in my series on using Drop Zones in templates.

It demonstrates how to work with multiple drop zones in one template, how to add photos to a drop zone, and how to change placeholder text.

I hope the information helps!

8 thoughts on “How to Use Drop Zones: Part 2

  1. Thanks Izzy, This saved a lot of time. I could have gotten there, but, well, I’d have to read and you know…work at it. Watching your tutorial is a much better way to understand Drop Zones.
    as always, Thanks

    1. You can bookmark the page if you want. Because this is a free (non-members-only) video, it’s not downloadable like member videos. But of course you can bookmark the page in your browser to come back to it any time you want.

      Also my website search box works pretty well. If you put in “drop zone” in the search box and click search, you’ll find more than one video about drop zones that I’ve made.

      Anyway, I hope that helps! :)

  2. Hey! Awesome! I was experimenting but nothing like having it explained by the designer. Not sure about the value of teaching people how not to import photos rather than simply how to import photos though. Enough confusion in my life as it is but…
    Thanks Izzy.

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