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How to Use Drop Zones in Templates

This video demonstrates how to use template Drop Zones in Final Cut Pro X.

It also demonstrates how to handle a super common problem that can happen when you’re working with drop zones – frozen images.

I hope the information is helpful!

10 thoughts on “How to Use Drop Zones in Templates

  1. This video was super helpful Izzy – thanks, thanks, thanks! :) Peace!

    1. Glad to hear it! :)

  2. Great work on the “Hello Friends”. I was just ready to review drop zones when your video instruction appeared. Great timing and fantastic teaching. Generators add a WOW effect.

    1. Thank you very much, Joe! :)

  3. Once again you come up trumps thanks for the info

    1. Sure thing, Frank! Glad it helps. :)

  4. Hi Izzy, excellent work around re the frozen screen – top tutorial video

    1. Thanks, Mike. I’m glad it helps! :)

  5. Download link appears top be missing from this page. Is that intentional or is it just me? :-)

    1. Oh yes, that’s intentional. This one isn’t a member video, so it’s just embedded. I usually only make the member videos downloadable.

      But this video is for everyone, members or not.

      I hope that helps clarify. :)

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