How to Add Custom Music to the Final Cut Pro Browser


How can you add your own custom music to Final Cut Pro so you can easily access it from inside the interface as you’re editing a video project?


This video demonstrates the steps to set it up:

Once you have this set up like I show in the video, you’ll be able to get easy access to all your own custom music files from within the Final Cut Pro interface, inside the Photos and Audio Sidebar.

I hope the information is useful to you!

11 thoughts on “How to Add Custom Music to the Final Cut Pro Browser

  1. Nice idea. Tried it with my external music library and worked perfectly. Question: I often create new music while I am working inside final cut Pro using SmartSound. In order to access the new music this way would I have to shutdown FCPX and then reopen once the new music file is loaded in my external music library?

    1. Yes, to access it this way, the music audio file would need to be in one of the folders along with your other audio files (within the folder that the Alias points to). :)

  2. Great information as always! I like the idea of having my music on an external hard drive. Saves space on the hard drive of my computer and easily accessible to my other computers. Now, I just need to combine all my music folders into one folder and set them up with an alias.

    Thanks for another great idea.

  3. Thanks Izzy, as always super helpful and well explained. It’s a real shame we can’t add the alias at the top level in the Photos & Audio Sidebar, but this provides a workable solution. Cheers

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