7 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Microphone

Sometimes we need to prevent a lavalier microphone from appearing in the video frame. This video will show you seven different ways to hide a lavalier mic.

It demonstrates how to hide a mic under clothing, behind ties, under collars, and more.

I hope you find it helpful!

20 thoughts on “7 Ways to Hide a Lavalier Microphone

  1. Hey Izzy, Great tutorial on ‘hiding’ the lavalier mike. Common sense, but heck, who really thinks about adopting all those options and ideas when we get to set-up our lav mikes?
    Loved the video Izzy. More please.

    Thanks you.

    Jim Owers (Ireland)

  2. Thanks Izzy, great tips in there. Some I’m sure that I will use.
    The problem I have at the moment is a regular scheduled recording with a man who is a very heavy breather and who likes to move around a lot so I’m still getting the fabric noises even though the mic is exposed.
    I’m thinking that the tape triangles would look pretty ugly when exposed. Do you have any tips for reducing these problems with an exposed lav mic to save a world of headaches in post? thanks.

    1. I’d probably do one of two things:

      1) Flex the lav wire so the mic stays further away from his clothing.
      2) Hide the mic using the triangle method because that might make less noise than the exposed mic in this case.

      Good luck!

  3. Excellent tutorial. I’d add one idea about placing a lav under the collar. If you use this technique, the direction of the talent’s head is important to note. For instance, when the lav is under the left collar as shown in the tutorial, if talent turns their head in the opposite direction, they will go “off mic.” Even with an omni lav, this will be noticeable. So, if you have a scene where 2 people are talking, place the lav under the collar on the side the talent’s head is turned to. In a scene with 3 people where the head might be turned left and right, it’s a good idea to use one of the mounting techniques where the mic is in the middle under a shirt or blouse. Other places I’ve seen a lav hidden include in the front center of a talent’s hair and taped to the underside of the brim of a hat. Thanks, Izzy, for a comprehensive tutorial.

  4. I’ve viewed and subscribed to quite a few tutorials and always find your instructional videos very informative and useful and the manner your teach your courses makes it easy to understand concepts. Keep up the great work!!

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