Free Download: Izzy’s Facebook Compressor Settings

facebook compressor settings
After I posted yesterday’s article on Facebook video, I decided to share my custom Compressor settings.

Click here to download my custom Facebook Compressor Settings.

(You’ll need Compressor version 4.1.3 to use the settings. I haven’t tested this on other versions.)

Installing the Custom Setting

Once you have it downloaded, do these simple steps:

  1. Double-click the .zip file to unzip it. (It’s probably in your “Downloads” folder or on your desktop.)
  2. Open Compressor on your computer.
  3. Look inside the new folder that unzipping the downloaded file created, and you’ll see the settings file. It’s a file that ends with “.cmprstng”. Drag that file into the Compressor settings window in the “Custom” area.
  4. Ta-da. Your setting is now available to use in Compressor.

What Are the Facebook Compressor Settings I Use?

It starts with the built-in settings that come with Compressor and then turns up the quality settings a few notches. Also, it ensures the audio uses a 44,100 Hz sample rate.

One important note: Make sure the original video you start with has a frame rate of 30 fps or less. The setting keeps the original frame rate, and since Facebook currently needs 30 fps or less, the original master video will need to be 30 fps or less.

Also, because the quality settings are turned up on this setting, the video will likely take longer to transcode as compared to the built-in Facebook settings. My personal opinion is that I usually don’t mind waiting for higher quality, but if you’re in a hurry, you might want to use the built-in Facebook settings.

Anyway, this download isn’t a huge freebie, but it should be a bit of a time-saver.

This is something that feels funny to say, but…

Enjoy the custom Compressor settings. :)

21 thoughts on “Free Download: Izzy’s Facebook Compressor Settings

  1. Thanks! Question: Why is it important to ensure a 44.1k audio sample rate? Since all of my videos are edited at the normal (for video) 48k sample rate, I think it’s important to NOT do a sample rate conversion unless absolutely necessary. I can’t imagine a problem with Facebook playing 48k audio. Take care — Mark B

  2. Hi Izzy.
    Thanks for that download.
    I shoot at 50fps which I believe is PAL, so do I need to shoot at 25fps and 1280×720 (which I shoot at that screen size anyway) or do I need to shoot at 30fps for an NTSC format for Facebook.
    I suppose I could just shoot as normal at 50fps then reset FCPX to the frame rate I need for Facebook.
    Getting confused now.

    1. Hey Neil — No need to get confused. :)

      You can shoot whatever you want. It’s just that Facebook wants 30 fps or less. So when you upload a video to Facebook, you’ll want to have converted firt (I’d go with 25 fps to make it easy since you were shooting 50 fps).

  3. Bonjour Izzy,

    Sure enjoy receiving your emails and the latest is very interesting about compression for Facebook.

    A big thank you,
    With best regards,

      1. Bonjour Izzy,

        Just thought to let you know that the compressor settings you created does not work with Compressor 3.5 that came with Final Cut Studio.
        Since Apple introduced Final Cut Pro 10… I felt that Final Cut 7 is the
        best software Apple ever made for professionals and I just love it.
        Many thanks again as you are certainly the best teacher I ever found on the internet on how to work making movies and videos on all aspects.
        With best regards always,

  4. Hi Izzy,
    Thanks for this, very useful!
    A question besides of this topic about settings.
    I own the canon XF 100 cam and can shoot in to much diff. settings.
    I want to share an instruction movie about salestechnics this year on the web by my own server.
    What are the best settings in the cam and in fcpX.
    I don’t understand all those diff.
    If you know and willing to answer this question I wil be very grateful!

    1. Yes, that’s off topic for this post. That said, I’ll add this to my list of possible topics to cover in future articles/videos.

      I should clarify though that I haven’t used that specific camera, so I can’t help with menu settings etc. I’ll likely stay more general if I cover this topic…

  5. Could you comment about file sizes. It seems the output file size is larger than my mp4 input file. I though compress would mean smaller size, quicker load. But if better quality overall is what we get, a larger file is understood.

    1. Sure thing, Scott. Facebook transcodes the video when you upload it, so the idea is to upload a large video so Facebook has more information before it further compresses the video.

      Anyway, I hope that helps. :)

  6. HI .. I can’t open your zip with Compressor 3.5.3 or anything else.. Any other way to get your FB settings?


    1. To unzip the file, all you need to do is double-click on the zip file in your Mac operating system. For example, save the file to your desktop and double-click on it. That’s how you unzip files on a Mac. It’s built in.

      Hope that helps! :)

  7. Hi Izzy, just wondering if you could please give me some advice? I do a lot of historic places documentaries and my most recent master project is 1280×720 HD (MPEG-2) Its bitrate is 25P (HQ) and is 16:9 aspect ratio. Its a quicktime movie with codec Apple ProRes-422 (HQ) linear PCM. The duration of the project is i hour thirty nine mins and is 68.21GB. This is the master copy.
    I desperately need to place this project on a blank DVD of 4.7GB. I usually use compressor and would be grateful if you could please give me the most appropriate settings in Compressor so that I can maintain as close as possible the ‘master’ copy quality. In past projects, I did notice a significant deterioration in quality of my footage when I used Compressor to compress large projects. What would the ideal settings be for the above project size to maintain the original footage quality? Any information Izzy will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all your tutorials. Your work is so impressive.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words. :)

      I’m sorry but I have mostly bad news for you. DVD’s are standard definition, so your original High Definition video will unavoidably look much worse no matter what you do. Your best bet would be to create a Blu-Ray disc from your video because Blu-Rays are HD.

      This would require a Blu-Ray burner (hardware) as well as Blu-Ray discs (for media).

      That said, I have a video in the member’s area that covers DVD settings in Compressor that I’ve had good results with. It’s video #273. But no matter what you do, your DVD disc will always be standard definition because that’s the nature of the format.

      Anyway, I hope that helps.

  8. Hi Izzy,

    Thank you for your blog, and for sharing your presets.

    I became somewhat concerned at the assertion that facebook downsamples audio streams in video files. This seems egregiously non-professional and senseless, even beyond facebook’s typical contempt for standards and their users’ experience. Additional research led me to believe that, contrary to published specs, not only do they not downsample from 48 kHz, they also allow higher resolutions than what one would believe from their documentation.

    This post lays it all out. Have you had similar experiences recently?


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