How to Customize a Final Cut Pro Template

Several people have asked me how to customize a template in Final Cut Pro.

For example, if you want to remove a drop zone from a template, how do you do it?

This video demonstrates a simple process to make these kinds of changes.

By the way, I made this video specifically to answer the questions I’ve been getting, so I hope the information is helpful to you. :)


14 thoughts on “How to Customize a Final Cut Pro Template

  1. Thanks again for the great help. I can’t wait for the “Izzy Video World Conference”. I just hope all the hotel rooms in Chandler are not booked up yet.

  2. As always; very informative and easy to follow.
    I expect someone else has flagged this up already but I can’t play this file from the beginning. If I move the cursor in to about the 7 second mark, it will play.
    Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge. David.

    1. Unfortunately, these types of customizations require Motion. Many of the basic customizations you can do from the Inspector within Final Cut Pro (such as adjust image placement in drop zones, change colors, etc.).

      But the bigger customizations require Motion (which is only $50 on the Mac app store, and I think completely worth it for many Final Cut Pro users).

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