How to Customize a Final Cut Pro Template

Several people have asked me how to customize a template in Final Cut Pro.

For example, if you want to remove a drop zone from a template, how do you do it?

This video demonstrates a simple process to make these kinds of changes.

By the way, I made this video specifically to answer the questions I’ve been getting, so I hope the information is helpful to you. :)


12 thoughts on “How to Customize a Final Cut Pro Template

  1. Thanks again for the great help. I can’t wait for the “Izzy Video World Conference”. I just hope all the hotel rooms in Chandler are not booked up yet.

  2. As always; very informative and easy to follow.
    I expect someone else has flagged this up already but I can’t play this file from the beginning. If I move the cursor in to about the 7 second mark, it will play.
    Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge. David.

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