Freebie: Crawling Text in Final Cut Pro X

I have another freebie for you. This is a bundle of 10 crawling text templates for Final Cut Pro X.

What is crawling text? It’s the text that scrolls horizontally across the bottom of the screen, and unfortunately it’s not easy to do with Final Cut Pro X’s built-in tools.

This should help solve that. These titles will make it easy to add crawling text to your projects. Once you install them, they’ll show up in your Titles Browser in Final Cut Pro X.

They require at least version 10.2.1 of Final Cut Pro X.

Click here to download the free crawling text bundle.

If you need a reminder on how to install these titles, this video should help:

(Make sure you add the extension “.localized” to the “Titles” folder. The full name of the folder should be “Titles.localized” and everything after the dot might be hidden.)

I made these templates with Apple Motion. And of course you could do the same thing if you wanted, but I’m hoping this helps save you some time.

I should note that you’ll sometimes hear this type of animation called “scrolling text”, which is technically correct because it is scrolling horizontally. That said, it’s more commonly called “crawling text”, or a “text crawl” when it’s horizontal, and “scrolling text” when it’s vertical.

How to use the crawling text

Once you add a crawling text title to your Final Cut Pro project, you can customize it easily.

You can control the speed of the crawl by changing the length of the text and the length of the title’s bar in your project. If you want the crawl to go faster, shorten the bar. If you want it to go slower, lengthen the bar.

You can change the colors of the graphic elements by using the color wells in the inspector.

You can change the text itself in the inspector as well.

If you want to make other changes outside of these, you’ll need to use Motion to do it. And this kind of customization can be easy to do if you’re familiar with Motion.

Anyway, please enjoy the crawling text bundle! I hope you find it useful!

38 thoughts on “Freebie: Crawling Text in Final Cut Pro X

  1. Bonjour Izzy,
    Sure love your creativity. Always nice to learn especially at my age however I work with Final Cut Studio which I love which is much simpler. I have learned a lot from my membership to your library and I am glad that you are letting me know what you can do with Final Cut X however I am not going to invest more money with Apple as they have gone more for mobile items which is of no interest to me.
    Thanking you for sending me what’s new…
    Best regards always,

  2. Izzy, you are awesome… I’m making a video of a children’s book with a narrative track and horizontal scrolling text at the bottom. The author did all illustrations and I’m syncing it all together. It’ll also be a “reading” teaching toll for children to read along with the narration…
    The problem I was having was the scrolling text. I was using the Ticker title but I didn’t like it and didn’t know what else to use, until now…
    This solves my problem and enhances the appearance 100%…
    I already know which title of yours I’ll be using…
    You always seam to deliver what I need when I need it and your work is so incredibly awesome…
    I’ve bee a happy member for a long time and pass your name around to all who ask where I get all the cool effects, backgrounds, titles, etc… That I use in my videos…
    thanks for all you do…
    You go way over and beyond for you members and you do it with so much class…. :-)

  3. Hi Izzy,
    I am new to my mac and need some help to install
    these motion titles download you sent today 7/9
    Thanks so much

    1. Howard, unfortunately I can’t do individual troubleshooting, but if you follow the installation video step-by-step, it should work for you. The “Titles” section of the video is the important one.

  4. When I downloaded the file for these crawling titles, the folder didn’t need to be unzipped. Should I be concerned?

    I tried to follow the instructions but not sure if I should be dropping these crawling titles into the IZZY folder in compositions, effects, generators, titles or transitions. I think they should be installed in Titles folder but when I restart Final Cut Pro 10.2.1 they don’t show up.

    Hope you can help.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes, the “Izzy Video” category folder should go into the “Titles” folder that you already have on your Mac (assuming you don’t already have the “Izzy Video” folder already). If you already have the “Izzy Video” folder in your “Titles” folder, then you can copy the titles inside over to that folder.

      Sorry about any confusion in the instruction video. I tried to make a general video that shows generally how to install custom elements, but I’m thinking I should have made a video that showed how to install this one specifically.

  5. Thanks Izzy! I’ll look forward to using this text! You have taught me everything I know about Final Cut Pro! It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Here’s my latest video….

    Thank you so much for all your help! You are an awesome teacher!
    I had a bit of trouble uploading it, but I think the biggest problem was my internet connection.

  6. Merci Boo Koo Mon Shoo IzzY,
    mucho appreciado, You are such a mensch!

    Good Luck & Blessings for You and YourZZ

  7. Another great contribution to us aspiring video producers. Question. In Final Cut Pro X is there a way to make a video look out of focus after it was recorded in perfect focus? I do a lot of green screen videos and have been told to make them look for more like a movie set where the background is out of focus. Wondering if you knew of a way to blur the image so it looks out of focus. I understand I can do this with a specific type of lens on a dslr camera but at this point I want to stick with my video camera for now.

  8. Great title work and a huge help. Thanks. A couple of questions though to help me get this looking right:

    1. Is there a limit to how much text the basic (white on black) can accommodate? It only seems to allow about half of the running translation that I need to scroll throughout approx. 3.5 min of video. I’ve tried to simply create a second title with the rest of my translation text but can’t segue unnoticeably due to the head/tail effects that are built into the titles. Are these trimmable/adjustable?

    2. How can I crop the top and/or bottom of the black border in order to make this backdrop to the text narrower (using the crop tool didn’t work)? It is too wide for my purposes and blocking some areas of the video that i need to see.

    1. To make these kinds of adjustments, you’d need to open the specific title in Motion and make the changes there. But yes, you can do it. You just need Motion to make it happen.

      I hope that helps!

  9. Hi Izzy,

    Thanks so much for the tutorial and free plug in. I have followed your video however when I downloaded them and found them on the FCP there was a capital T with a red exclamation mark so that I was unable to do anything with them. When I look at the small window I can see all the different crawlers however once I double click it is like the file is corrupt.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Hi Nadia,

      I’m not sure why you would be seeing that error. I can think of two things to try:

      1) Try restarting Final Cut Pro X. Sometimes the solution is as easy as that.
      2) Try updating Final Cut Pro X to the latest version.

      I hope it works for you! :)

  10. Excited to use this template but have had no luck on install. It won’t show up in my template on FCPx.

    I’ve used the video instructions above but noticed that the bundle does not include any files within generators, etc. only titles.

    Help ? :)

  11. Great work and tutorial too. Unfortunately I have two little issues:
    1/ in the crawl package there is an empty TITLES folder and no TRANSITIONS folder. Maybe not a problem I don’t know.
    2/ Is it possible my FCP 10.4.2 setup has it’s motion templates folder in a different location? I have used the one inside MOVIES on the HD and certainly there was an update to a file there only two months ago but your templates do not show when I reopen FCP. ANy thoughts appreicated.

  12. Thanks for the crawl files and the tutorial.
    It is important to add the extension “localized” to the “Titles” folder. As soon as I did that, and restarted FCPX, the titles appeared.

  13. Thank you so much for this. I’m doing a project highlighting plastic waste and they asked me for a list of the groups involved “scrolling” along the bottom. They’ve seen it on TV so it must be easy to do!!!
    This is a life saver . Thank you Izzy.

    1. Apologies but these titles only go from right to left. If you want to customize them you would need to do that in Motion, and you would need to be pretty familiar with Motion to do that.

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