36 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

    1. You are the General!
      We are all waiting for our marching orders.
      Love the Logo Reveal#027 and of the course the rest of them too!

  1. Perfect timing. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I was wondering if I had missed something new and great from you Izzy. I am glad to know THIS is what has kept you silent in these days of health uncertainty. Can’t wait for the roll out. Here’s hoping that the whole family is well, bob

  2. Oh, NICE!!! I especially love the chocholatey ones–the last two!

    And thanks again for all your ideas, support, and help!

    Stay well!

  3. Izzy, great work, as usual. However, such fancy and professional openings create a sense of expectation in the viewer that many of our videos are not capable of delivering, quality-wise and professionally polished-wise. Why not make some less spectacular opening shots for those of us who aren’t wannabe Cecil B. DeMilles? ;-) Y’know, something more appropriate for kids’ football games, family picnics and other social functions that we put on video. Those might be less impressive, but far more useful to most of us.

    1. Interesting! This is an unexpected and interesting request. I see your point, and I’ll definitely give it some thought! :)

      And I’m certain from experience that many of my customers create professional videos where these logo reveals would fit right in.

      1. You have an incredible imagination Izzy. I’m definitely going to buy these and probably use them at both the beginning AND the end of my videos! Keep up the great work.

  4. Fantastic openings and logo reveals! Thanks Izzy, it’s amazing how the openings and reveals really help in making my amateur video attempts really look good! Thanks for all the hard work with Blender!

  5. Guessed you must be busy with something, these look great and I hope they’re a great success for you. As an amateur who doesn’t broadcast my work beyond family and friends I don’t know that I can justify the purchase but good luck.


  6. Bring them on, Izzy! I so know exactly what I want to do with them; they are perfect for what I have in mind. You’re brilliant!

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