Announcement (and Affinity Photo Inpainting Tool Tutorial)

I’m very excited to announce a new addition to the Izzy Video team!

Who is this new team member?

You might recognize him because he’s been in several of my videos over the years. He’s my son, Blake.

Blake is currently a film student at Arizona State University. He’ll be working with Izzy Video on a part-time basis in the meantime.

I’ve asked him to study Affinity Photo and release videos about what he’s learning. That’s the plan for now. Here’s his first video (and you can expect more in the future):

Affinity Photo is an excellent alternative to Photoshop. If you’re like me and you want to avoid the high costs of an on-going monthly Adobe subscription, then you might want to take a close look at Affinity Photo.

It’s powerful, inexpensive, and available on both the Mac and PC.

Anyway, I hope the video is helpful, and I want to officially welcome Blake to the Izzy Video team (though he’s informally been a part of it for most of his life.) :)

21 thoughts on “Announcement (and Affinity Photo Inpainting Tool Tutorial)

  1. This is great. I’ve been playing around with Affinity Photo since beta days. I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

    Welcome, Blake

  2. Hi Blake,

    Really found your tutorial useful, I had not come across Affinity Photo before. I am currently using Photoshop Elements as I don’t want to pay an ongoing subscription.

    Just a suggestion, but one of the tools that I could done with earlier today from photoshop was the pen tool as it is not included with elements – is it included with Affinity Photo?

    I am really looking forward to watching the next tutorial to find out what else you can do with this programme.

    Well Done!

  3. WoW! nicely done Blake.

    I’ve been testing Affinity Designer – which is very nice, but could stand another generation to weed out some issues – and wondered how well Photo works. Looking forward to more.

  4. Well done Blake! I am very happy that you will be sharing your knowledge of Affinity with us!! I recently switched from Elements to Affinity mainly because I can use it thru Photos! Affinity can also be run as a standalone program if I need all of its tools. Best of luck at Arizona State University!! Keep up the great job!!

  5. Nice job, Blake. Chip off the old block, I’d say! Very informative tutorial, enough to convince me to switch from PSE to Affinity Photo, which I did today. I do have one suggestion. As you went down to select the “Inpainting Brush Tool,” it would have been helpful to point out first that it is one of 5 tools at that location in the toolbar, and that “if you don’t see it, click the little triangle and select it from the list.” Otherwise, stellar job, young man. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thrilled to hear that Blake is joining the team, Izzy. Affinity programmes are the latest out of the Serif stable – this is a UK-based company and I’ve been using their PhotoPlus on Windows for years. I toyed with the idea of getting Affinity Photo for the Mac but while I’m still running both systems I decided to stick with Windows for now. They have now launched Affinity Photo for Windows too, so maybe one day I’ll uprade! That’s certainly a very neat tool he demonstrates.


  7. There’s so many apps and other programs out there sometimes it’s a little bit overwhelming to find the great ones. Thanks for the help in finding this one. The Izzy duo should make a great team!

  8. It’s about time Photoshop had a worthy competitor and Affinity Photo is it. I’ve already switched over with no regrets. Great video and welcome aboard the good ship Izzy. May you both sail far! ??

  9. Good job, Blake! Interesting to see that tool in action.
    Recently I was looking at Photoshop (SUBSCRIPTION) alternatives, and read about Affinity. I set that search aside, but your Dad’s trusted recommendation inspired me to make the purchase.

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