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How to Create the 2.5D Effect Using Photoshop CS6 and Motion 5

2.5D effect

Yes, you can use still photos in your video, but that’s so blah. Instead, trying adding a little movement to your photos.

(And I’m not talking about the Ken Burns Effect here — though it’s pretty cool too.)

Here’s a full workflow video (from the member library) that shows you how to create the “2.5D Effect” using a combination of Photoshop CS6 and Motion 5:

It’s an interesting way to add movement to still photos in your video projects.

Like a lot of workflows, there are several different ways to do this, and this video is one example.

I hope you enjoy it!

16 thoughts on “How to Create the 2.5D Effect Using Photoshop CS6 and Motion 5

  1. this very cool!!! thx :)

  2. Izzy, You are amazingly brilliant and the ultimate instructor.  I wish that I had more time to learn FCP to use it as effectively as you do.  Unfortunately, I have a real life that does not include video editing for a living and thusly, the reason I don’t have the time.   So nice to know that you are out there for those that have the need that you fill perfectly 

  3. Great video. I m basically a pro still photographer, but video is becoming useful to my clients. I am using FCE for now, but I can see that FCP is essential.

  4. Excellent video and the way you instruct is great. 

    I have been editing in FCP for 6 years and always looking to add more tools to my tool box. Your videos are an awesome way of doing that.

    I’ve become a fan of Izzy!

  5. Fantastic!  So clear and easy to follow, and just what I needed for a current project using bg plates.  Thanks much!

  6. Really nice how to, thanks for the help with this effect.

  7. I thought this was the “kid stays in the picture” effect or something like that?

    1. Yep, that’s another name for it because that film used it a lot. :)

  8. This amazing knowledge to have Izzy . . . thanks alot!!

  9. that was great. thanks Izzy!

  10. excellent! I’ve always struggled to figure this out… you are the Master

  11. Thanks, Izzy!  This really fired my imagination.  I can’t imagine using it as a replacement for Ken Burnes in a slideshow because it’s so time consuming to achieve but I’m wondering how else it might be used in animating photos or layered montages created in PS.  Very cool!

  12. You are the bomb IZZY.  Everything was clear and concise.  Thank you so much.

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