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How to Move a Final Cut Pro X Project to Another Computer

Move a Final Cut Pro X Project to Another Computer

One of the most common questions people ask me is:

“How do you move a Final Cut Pro video project to another computer?”

It’s a good question. And there’s more than one way to handle it.

Probably the most simple solution is to start by making sure you have everything in one library package.

This video demonstrates what I mean:

Once you’ve ensured you have everything in the one library package (source media, motion templates, etc.), it’s simple to drag that library file to an external drive for transferring to another computer.

Once you have it on the other computer, double-click on it to open it.

At that point, things should be ready for you to continue working.

2 thoughts on “How to Move a Final Cut Pro X Project to Another Computer

  1. Thanks for a very informative video. Can I ask two questions please?
    Q1: would this also be a good way to archive jobs?
    Q2: I noticed FCP creates some huuuge files when rendering a video. Would those files also be included in the library folder I’d created using your instructions? (I worry about filling my small SSD up with project files).
    Thanks. Roger

    1. Sure thing.

      1. Yes, you could archive video projects this way. It’s one of the reasons I create a new Library for every project I work on — though I don’t personally keep all the media inside the Library file. I have another video (in the member library), that shows my personal archiving process.

      2. And yes, the render files and optimized media files would be included in the Library, but you can select the Library in Libraries Sidebar, click the File menu, and “Delete Generated Media” if you want to save space before archiving.

      That one tip alone should really help you save the space on your hard drives! I hope it’s useful to you. :)

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