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Use Final Cut Pro X with Keynote to Make Videos from Slides

Watch this video to see how you can use Apple Keynote with Final Cut Pro X to make videos from your slides.

This is one example of a workflow. There are other ways to do it. I just really like this one.

I hope you find it helpful. Enjoy!

10 Responses to “Use Final Cut Pro X with Keynote to Make Videos from Slides”

  1. Bernie Owen says on :

    Hi When I saw your picture I thought I was looking at my mate who is a main stream cameraman who has worked with a all the broadcasters worldwide, The tv production unit is based in Dublin Ireland and we have won many awards including our editor.

    You are doing a great job
    Well Done
    Bernie Owen

  2. Izzy Hyman says on :

    Hey, thanks Bernie!

    He must be a good looking chap. ;)

  3. Al Tompkins says on :

    I love this Izzy. Very well done. It sure beats how I have been doing this- doing a screen capture of the keynote while I narrate. I always lost some video quality. Will Keynote also export embedded video in the presentation slides?

  4. John JOhnson says on :

    Just curious, is there a reason not to use the voice over function in Keynote? It maintains the correct timing when you convert the presentation to a Quicktime.


    John Johnson

  5. Izzy Hyman says on :

    John, That’s definitely another option. The main reason I like the method I demonstrated is that I think it’s easier when you’re doing multiple “takes”.

    I guess it’s just easier to be more precise. I think a lot of the recorded slide videos out there are difficult to watch because people just hit record and talk. If they did multiple takes, the videos would be tighter and easier to watch.

    Just my thoughts… Thanks for the question!

  6. kirk says on :

    on a somewhat related note – I do a LOT of having to convert PowerPoint presentations to video and when working in FCP6, I nearly ALWAYS ended up removing ALL of the animations, transitions, etc., and converting the slides to JPEG, as even the Mac version of Office didn’t do a very good job of exporting the presentation to QT.

    However we STILL have a number of clients who want to have their animations, transitions, builds, etc. as part of the video. Does keynote import these types of slides from PPT well enough that the method you demonstrate here could be used now with FCPX?


  7. Henri Parté says on :

    Hi Izzy. I am simply amazed at how well done your tutorials are. I am french from Quebec, and I did not find any french tutorials coming even close to yours.
    Congratulation and many thanks.

  8. Izzy Hyman says on :

    That’s very kind of you to say. Thanks, Henri! :)

  9. SKEL says on :

    This was extremely helpful to me – thank you!!

  10. Darren says on :

    Another super-clear and valuable tutorial… thank you!