Final Cut Express: Travel Matte Alpha – How to Use This Awesome Effect!

I get this question a lot. When I received it again in my email this morning, I decided to make this tutorial for you. It shows you an advanced technique in Final Cut Express.

The resulting effect? You can put moving video inside text on the screen, and then overlay the video text on another video. When you do it right, it creates nice visual interest.

Izzy and Blake on the beach

There are several steps to this. Here is how you use the Travel Matte – Alpha composite mode in Final Cut Express:

1. Place the background element on video layer 1 in the sequence.

Video layers in Final Cut Express are similar to to layers in Photoshop and other image editing programs. Layers pile up on top of each other, and whatever is on bottom is furthest back. So when you’re creating this effect, it’s a good idea to start by placing the background element first.

2. Place your text on top of the background element.

I highly suggest that you use BIG FAT FONTS. The bigger the font, the more you’ll be able to see inside the letters to see the video within them. In this video tutorial I use Arial Black with a bold style applied.

Big fat fonts work great for this effect.

3. Place another layer of video on top of the text layer. This is the video that you want inside the text.

In the tutorial I should have mentioned that it helps to have highly contrasting video clips, otherwise it will be difficult to see the letters themselves. If they’re too similar, they tend to blend. You don’t want this.

4. Apply the “Travel Matte – Alpha” composite mode to the top clip.

In Final Cut Express, select the top clip, go to the “Modify” menu, then Composite Mode, then Travel Matte – Alpha. This will apply the composite mode to the top clip.

A composite mode defines how the pixels in the clip interact with the pixels underneath it. In this case, it looks at the alpha channel (area of transparency) of the clip beneath it, and applies the transparent area around the letters to the top clip.

By the way, you’re not limited to only using text. You can use any gray scale image with transparency instead of the text.

Experiment with different images and patterns to see what kinds of results you get.

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    • says

      That’s my philosophy too, Carsten. In fact, my whole video library is based on that idea. I think there’s a lot of benefit to learning this way. Bite size chunks of knowledge. Easy to digest. :)

  1. Greg says

    btw, I didn’t know you can play an unrendered clip when it’s red (orange, yes). Was it because you pressed option+P instead of space bar? (would check on my own but I’m in the middle of a 19 hour render!)

    • says

      Yes, you can play every frame of an unrendered clip by clicking option+p — although it won’t play at regular speed. Sometimes it will play VERY slowly depending on how many effects/layers there are, but your computer will play every frame as fast as it can.

      How fast will it play back? That depends on the speed of your computer.

      Remember that tip “Option+P”. :)

  2. Travis says

    Yee Haw from Texas ! Thanks Izzy. That was really well done and easy enough that even I (yes ME) was able to understand it.

  3. Thomasluca says

    Great Video Izzy, I knew how to do this in After Effects but not Final Cut, Thanks! BTW? Can you do this in FCPro swell?

  4. Dpittsmd1985 says

    Great idea! I was kinda familiar with the concept from iMovie and iDVD (at least how it looks) but never knew how to make it….it was kind of automatic in iDVD. I can’t wait to use this!!!

  5. Profe 2 says

    Dear Izzy, like always clear, organized and exciting. Your enthusiasm is contagious. As and adult educator let me applaud you! We want more.

  6. Keith says

    Really helpful, thank you. This was mentioned on the FCE forum. I have found your tutorials so valuable as I get into FCE. Great job Izzy, keep doing them!

    Thanks, Keith

  7. Finalking says

    Thanks! That was really cool. Could you maybe make a tutorial about all of the composite modes?
    I think it would be worth it.

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