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Better Video, Less Equipment

You don’t always need more equipment to capture better video.

For example, this video shows several clips where I used just a video camera and a slider.

A very basic setup… No light controls, no heavy stands and sandbags.

Not even a tripod for this one.

Sometimes you can take a simple approach to shooting video and end up with good results.

Edit: Because several people have asked, here’s the slider I use.

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Sucker for Slow Motion

Here’s a question for you…

When was the last time you used slow motion in a video?

Why did you use it?

Maybe it was because you wanted to add significance to the shot. Or maybe you wanted more drama.

Maybe it was simply for the visual impact or to help control the pace of your video. Or maybe you’ve never tried it. (Ooh, you’re missing out!) Continue reading Sucker for Slow Motion

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89 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creative Juices

Do you need video ideas? Looking for some inspiration to help you make your videos more creative?Light bulbs growing on plants.

Everyone needs a creative kick in the pants on occasion. Personally, I find creative prompts helpful for starting a brainstorm.

Here’s a list of 89 video ideas that you can reference again and again for inspirational launching points… Continue reading 89 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creative Juices

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Depth of Field in Your Video: Why and How to Use It

Depth of field is a very technical-sounding term, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s simple to understand. If you use it well, you can transform ordinary images into cinematic marvels that your friends, family, and clients (and you!) will love. Aiden looks at his fingers

Today I’m going to share with you what depth of field is, why you might use it, how to create it, and also throw in several helpful tips that will make it easier to work with.

First, what is it? Continue reading Depth of Field in Your Video: Why and How to Use It