Izzy Video 014 – The Difference One Light Can Make


Inside this video tutorial you’ll find an extra surprise (a big announcement, and I won’t spoil it here).

Anyway, this tutorial demonstrates more basic light information, and also shows the impact of good lighting. If you’re frustrated by the type of picture you get with your camera when shooting around the house, this episode might provide some answers to your problems.

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I had to repost the file, slightly edited. It’s just my voice at the end now. Unfortunately there was a technical problem with the rendering that created a funny glitch in the previous version.

Izzy Video 013 – Close-Ups and Wide Shots


This episode of Izzy Video covers the Framing Terms for different types of shots.

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Happy new year, everyone! I’m hoping that 2006 is the year of the video podcast.

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Izzy Video 012 – Cut Away Shots


Creative thinking can sometimes rescue errors in video footage. In this video tutorial, I show you how to use Cut Away shots to fix problematic video.

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Izzy Video 006 – Fast and Slow Motion

This episode covers several different ways you can use “Fast Motion” and “Slow Motion” in your Digital Video.

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