You might have noticed some changes

If you’ve been looking around my website and it seems different, well, I’ve made some changes. :)

I’ve finally done something I’ve been wanting to do for years: I’ve merged my courses and membership into one website. (Woohoo!)

Why did I do this?

I did it for several reasons, but the biggest one is this:

I wanted my members to have one login for both the membership and the courses.

In the past the members needed two separate logins because the membership and the courses were on two separate platforms. That’s no longer the case.

Because I was moving platforms anyway, I decided to use this opportunity to make a few other changes:

The membership program has a new name. It’s called The Mastery Group. And it has a small monthly fee instead of a larger annual fee.

But the biggest benefit to the membership is that it now qualifies you for automatic discounts on my training courses/tutorials. (And that’s in addition to any coupon codes I send out).

The free version of my Final Cut Pro X Tutorial has a new location. (If you’ve linked to it, please update your links to reflect the new location).

Also, there’s a new page called My Courses (with a link at the top of the page). This is where you can find your courses that you’ve registered for.

(By the way, I had to transfer most of the course enrollments by hand, so if you find something missing from your account, please send me an email so I can get it fixed for you.)

As I was transferring folks over to the new platform, I noticed many customers that have been with me for 10+ years. This means so much to me. Thank you for sticking with me through the years!

And if you’re new to Izzy Video, welcome! I hope you find the resources here useful.

Anyway, the items I listed above are probably the most significant changes. It was a big undertaking for me, but I’m happy to have completed it.

I have more exciting announcements coming soon, so please stay tuned. :)

EDIT: Please note that the new system will require you to reset your password. Passwords from the old platform won’t work. The good news is that resetting your password is a simple process. Just use the “Lost your password” link on this page.

Announcement: New Hybrid Training Option

I’m happy to announce that I’m now bringing the “hybrid training” experience to my Final Cut Pro X training.

As of yesterday, I’ve opened registration for my “Intro to Final Cut Pro X” training.

This hybrid training is a blend of three elements:

1) The 36 videos and practice media from my Basic Final Cut Pro X tutorial
2) Two live 90 minute online sessions where I’ll train on the basics of Final Cut Pro X.
3) Access to a Slack Community for additional questions and discussion

On a personal note, these hybrid training sessions are some of my favorite things because I have a chance to interact so much with folks who are learning the material.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this training, make sure you take a look right away because registration will close on March 30th.

CLICK HERE to take a look.

Here’s a coupon code that you can use to get a deep discount on the training:


I hope this training option is helpful to you!

Happy New Year! (and an update)

First of all, Happy New Year to you! I hope it’s an amazing year for your video journey (and your other endeavors)!

I’m wrapping up preparations on my new Final Cut Pro training, so now I’m entering the recording stage. The problem is that my voice isn’t up to the task yet because I’m still recovering from being sick.

As soon as my voice is back to normal (any day now!), I’ll begin recording. Recording can be pretty time-consuming, so I’m thinking it should be done in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, I also decided to run another session of my “Intro to Motion” course. This is one of my favorite topics to cover because Motion can be so much fun (and super-useful).

And I’m planning to do something different this time. Along with the recorded videos and the online virtual workshops, I’m also adding a Slack channel. If you’re not familiar with Slack, it’s a platform that is kind of like a cross between a chat room and a forum. It’s a excellent way for a group to communicate.

When I add the Slack workspace, it will provide lots of additional opportunities for you to ask questions and get clarification.

So the revised “Intro to Motion” training will have three main elements:

  1. Training videos (like usual) which include downloadable practice media
  2. Online, virtual workshops where we’ll work through projects step-by-step
  3. Access to the Slack channel for communication with each other and me.

I’m planning to start the new session on January 16th.

Registration for the course will open on January 9th. Keep an eye on your email for more details about this.

I love training on Motion, so I’m excited to get back to it!

If you’ve already taken the “Intro to Motion” training before, you’ll have the opportunity to register for the new session at a super-deep discount. All the content and material will be the same as before, so the reasons to register again would be: 1) To get access to the Slack group, and 2) To work through the live workshops with me again.

If this will be your first time taking the “Intro to Motion” session with me, I hope it’s useful to you. The feedback I’ve received has been very positive. People tell me it’s a great way to get up and running with Motion. And of course, that’s my goal with this. :)

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them here. I’ll be monitoring the comments for the next couple days and answering as many questions as I can.

Now Available: Create a Custom Final Cut Pro Transition (Quick Dive Tutorial)

now available

now available
I’m happy to announce that I launched a new “Quick Dive” tutorial.

This one is all about creating custom Final Cut Pro X transitions, using Motion.

It takes you through an entire project, building a custom transition from scratch.

The Quick Dive tutorial format means that it’s shorter and more focused than my regular tutorials.

CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

Also, I’m offering a discount and bonus to celebrate the tutorial’s release (promotion ends August 18th, 2017).

Anyway, if you haven’t already, head over and take a look.

Announcing: “Intro to Motion”

I’m excited to announce that this morning I opened registration for my new “Intro to Motion” course. This is all new training using the new Motion interface.

I’m doing something a little different with this one. It combines a series of 22 videos, along with three online virtual workshops, all in one package.

If you want to learn how to use Motion, this is your chance.

CLICK HERE to learn more and register.

Registration closes on May 9th. Please make sure you register right away if you want this training. Registration is now closed.

See you inside!

Where to Keep Custom Music in Final Cut Pro X – Izzy Video #335

Several people have asked me where to store custom music so you have quick access to it from inside Final Cut Pro X.

There are several different options for doing this. In this video I’ll show you a few different possibilities, including my favorite one.

If you have a collection of royalty-free music that you’d like to be able to access quickly from inside Final Cut Pro X, this video should be useful to you.

This is a members-only video. Click here to learn about a membership.

I hope you find the information helpful!

Power User Tips: Using the Command Editor – Izzy Video #333

I’ve started a new “Power User Tips” video series for members, and this new video is the first installment in the series.

In the video I demonstrate one of the most important aspects to becoming a Final Cut Pro X Power User (in my opinion), and that is setting up your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

You’ll see in this video how to do that.

This is a members-only video. Click here to learn about a membership.

I hope you find the information helpful!

Coming Tomorrow: My new Basic Final Cut Pro X course!

I’m very excited to announce that my new Basic Final Cut Pro X course is coming tomorrow!

I still have a lot of work to do, but it should be ready for you tomorrow.

There will be two versions of the course:

  1. The free version where you can watch the training videos online.
  2. The paid version where you can optionally download the training videos along with practice media so you can follow along using the same media I use in the training videos.

This course consists of 36 videos, totaling a little over 2.5 hours of training.

Three Bonuses!

I love piling on the awesome when I launch new courses, and this time I’ve decided to include three bonuses.

You’ll get these bonuses free when you purchase my new course during the launch period.

Bonus #1

A mini-course that specifically covers many of the new changes in the 10.3 update of Final Cut Pro X ($20 value). This mini-course is approximately 30 minutes long and includes 11 videos.

If you want a quick introduction to many of the new features in the 10.3 update, I think you’ll like this mini-course.

Bonus #2

Five pieces of royalty-free music ($20 value). This is a collection of five pieces of music that you’re free to use in your projects royalty-free. It includes four piano pieces and one orchestral string piece.

We video creators know that you can never have too much royalty-free music in your library.

Bonus #3

A live one hour webinar with me where we’ll talk about media management and Final Cut Pro X ($20 value). I’ll schedule this toward the end of November and if you can’t attend live, I’ll send you a recording so you can watch later.

The price

I’ve almost settled on a price, so I’ll have that info for you tomorrow. But I can say this for sure: If you’ve already purchased my Basic Final Cut Pro X course in the past, or if you’re an Izzy Video Member, I’ll have an extra discount for you that’s deeper than the regular launch discount.

As you can imagine, I’m really excited to get this course into your hands (so to speak). I love training on Final Cut Pro X, and I really appreciate all the positive feedback I get from so many people!

Okay, I need to get back to work. There’s still lots to do before tomorrow’s launch!

Stay tuned… :)