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Animate Photos in Final Cut Pro X with the Ken Burns Effect

Screenshot demonstrating the Ken Burns Effect in Final Cut Pro X

This video demonstrates how to animate photos in Final Cut Pro X. Specifically, it uses the “Ken Burns Effect” (which is also sometimes called “Pan and Scan”).

Whether you’re building a photo montage project, or a photo slideshow set to music, or even just a simple photo sequence, the Ken Burns effect is a nice way to add more visual interest to your project.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • A little can go a long way. Consider adding only a little movement to the photos. If the photos move with too much energy, it can be a distraction.
  • Don’t forget about the little “swap” button. Test having some photos zoom in followed by others that zoom out. Variety can help hold your viewer’s interest.

I think you’ll see from the video that Final Cut Pro’s built-in Ken Burns tool is intuitive and fun to use.

I hope you find this video helpful!