How to Boost Your Videos with Nat Sound

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Nat sound (natural sound) is missing from too many videos.

Since I posted the Small Stories Manifesto last week, I’ve been receiving lots of links to videos (thank you!). And I’ve watched many of them.

I immediately realized something crucial was missing from most of the videos. Almost none of the videos included nat sound.

The videos had plenty of other useful elements.

A variety of shots? Check. Beautiful visuals? Check. A delightful song playing in the background? Check.

But nat sound? Absent.

I blame myself. I haven’t emphasized it enough. Scratch that. I haven’t talked about nat sound at all, so it’s time to fix that.

Let’s start with the fundamentals…

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How to Record a Quality Voice-Over (and Why You Should Do It)


A voice-over might be the perfect thing to add to your next video, but unfortunately if you’re like a lot of video creators, you won’t use one.

That’s potentially a huge mistake.

Now it’s true that a voice-over isn’t always a good idea for every video (a reel comes to mind). But here’s the important thing to remember…

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Lavalier Microphone Comparison

Today I’m answering another common question I’ve received. This one has to do with low-cost audio for video. Here it is:

“What is a good low-cost wireless lavalier microphone for a video beginner?”

There are many, many wireless lavalier microphone options out there, but this video will show you one: the Azden WLX-Pro.

(By the way, I got this video from the membership library. If you’re not already a member, you’re missing out on lots of great info.)

Why Did I Choose This Wireless Lavalier Microphone System?

Choices are hard. There are zillions of options out there. So why did I land on the Azden WLX-Pro system? A few reasons:
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