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Izzy Video 110 – The Rule of Thirds Revisited

The Rule of Thids Revisited

This installment of Izzy Video is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Some of you may know that the first episode of Izzy Video I did three years ago was on the subject of The Rule of Thirds. Over the past three years, as I’ve rewatched episode one, I’ve wanted to redo it. It’s a fundamental rule of cinematography, so I believe it deserves a little more elaboration than I originally gave it. In this remake, some of the content is the same, and some of it is different. But I definitely believe it’s better.

In this video, I cover several topics including:

  • Using the Rule of Thirds with talking heads
  • Using the Rule of Thirds with landscape footage
  • Using the Rule of Thirds with static objects
  • Using the Rule of Thirds with someone moving across the frame

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12 thoughts on “Izzy Video 110 – The Rule of Thirds Revisited

  1. Thank’s for making the remake it is a great video to explain the rule of thirds.

  2. Isreal, Great clean demonstration of the rule of thirds.
    Way to go

  3. Hi Israel, great video, thanks.

    Perhaps a silly question. Studio shots: why is it so important to get the footage right, given that software such as Final Cut Pro et al allows us to place “talking heads” wherever we like?

    Enjoying everything you do! Kind regards, Doris, Geneva, Switzerland

  4. an excellent re-make! thanks for taking the time to redo this one.

    I’m waiting for your book!

  5. I love the video on the rule of thirds. Really great info.

    Your Homie

  6. For me it is easier to watch the head room rather than the eyes. I liked your outdoor demo. I’m a video/motion guy but I think there is so much we can learn from the still photo and art world about composition and framing.

  7. who has the important job as the cameraman on this episode? :-)

  8. Heh, Christian. My father, Jerry Hyman, was the cameraman. He does a lot of the camerawork for the episodes where I appear in the show. His work isn’t too shabby, is it? :-)

    Noell, my wife (who also has her own show at, does the camerawork for other episodes. Usually it’s either Noell or my father. The camera we use is pretty complex, so I’m impressed that they both getting better every time we shoot.

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. they do a wonderful job :)
    I was thinking that blake might were the one.

  10. Nice. I read about the rule on presentation zen a while back and forgot about it. This was a much more in depth presentation! Thanks.

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