9 thoughts on “Izzy Video 011 – Sound Options

  1. Oddly enough, I only listened to this podcast during my drive home commute. So, I paid more attention to the sound naturally, since I didn’t permit myself to watch the video. Needless to say I have to re-watch the video portion of the podcast.

  2. These are GREAT!!! I’ve been making independent shorts for the
    last 10 years and I still learned a couple of things here and there.
    Really wished that your show was available when I got started.

    Felt bad for the little girl who was coughing and still had to sing.
    Your kids are real troopers for helping you out on these.

    Even though the final tutorials are only 4-5 minutes, I know that
    they take hours for you to put together. Bravo.

  3. hey izzy, great stuff! i love this podcast! i have a video production company, and so most of what you put on here i already am familiar with, but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy it! and also, ive been telling people with video cameras about this so that they can get better quality home movies.

    but one thing i wanted to point out was that there is a wireless mic kit from sennheiser that is $599 at B&H that includes a camera-mount receiver with miniplug output, a wireless transmitter pack with lavalier mic, and a plug-in XLR transmitter. without the XLR transmitter, you can get the receiver and lav pack for $499 or less. well worth it for great audio!

  4. Dear Mr. Hyman,

    These tutorials are great. In fact, I make all of my new cameramen watch them and test them to make sure they have spent the time. I know that the tutorials are somewhat brief but they seem to be just the right lenght to get my help to watch them….AND I know how much work you’re putting into them not just to shoot and edit them but to upload them to make them available to all of us. This is a wonderful service and I hope that you’re receiving support for all of us out here who are benefitting from you hard work. Thank You so much!!!

  5. Scott, thanks for the kind words. It’s funny because I’ve had other pro’s tell me they have their production teams watch Izzy Video as part of their training, for orientation, continuing education, and so on. When I started the show two years ago, I had no idea it would become what it is. It’s nice to know that folks view it as a worthwhile resource. It certainly provides motivation to continue.

  6. I am new to the world of video and I landed on your site while surfing another topic. I cannot describe how glad I am that I found your site. Your site is organized and resourceful. I find that that style of teaching is perfect for an amateur like myself. I will be spending my free time on your site to learn the techniques that you have provided. Excellent website and thank you for taking the time to help us newbies.

  7. Kevin, welcome to Izzy Video! I really appreciate the kind words.

    There are over 50 episodes now, and that amounts to several hours of video tutorials. If you manage to plow your way through all of them, and still feel like something is missing, please consider visiting the wiki and adding to the section called “Suggestions for upcoming topics.”

    Thanks again for watching! I hope you find most things helpful!

  8. I really enjoyed watching them and learned a lot. I do a some home movies for my fishing products using Imovie even tho I have had Final Cut Express for a long time, just didn’t get around to doing movies on it as Imovie was just so easy. How ever now I’m concerned more about quality of the movie and all the other magical things that have to be learned to be good at it. I’m just upgrading to Final Cut Express HD and will work on my movies. What I have learned here will help on my filming and production and output…..Thanks a million Izzy you do great work and it is appreciated. Bill Shelton of Shelton Products

  9. Bill,

    Thanks for the kind words! My guess is that you’ll love using Final Cut Express HD. I used FCE before upgrading to Final Cut Pro, and it’s very similar. Many of my FCP tutorials should translate very closely to what you’re doing.

    Anyway, thanks again. I wish you the best with your own video work!

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