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  1. I’ve never thought about shutter speed, but I’ve always thought you should shoot your video “raw”, with no effects added from the camcorder.

    i.e. My Sony TRV140 can film in B&W, sepia, etc… But I never use those effects because I can add them in my video editor later.

    The shutter speed is a “digital effect” for my camera, with choices of 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, and 1/4.

    I haven’t done it before, but can you just add this effect in your video editor? Or is it better to do this effect as you film?

  2. Kevin,

    Great question. It might surprise you to learn that Shutter Speed is NOT a digital effect. Shutter speed is how long the chip’s sensor in your camera stays on to read the image. Think of the chip as a human eye. If you were to have your eye closed, then quickly open it, before closing it again — that’s shutter speed. The longer you leave your eye open, the more light you take into your eye. Your video camera works the same way.

    I think the “effect” you’re thinking of is called “Strobing” and should definitely be added in post. Strobing is different from Shutter speed.

    As a rule, in normal lighting conditions, try to shoot your video with a 1/60 shutter speed. If you need to adjust your exposure, you can set the gain or the aperture accordingly.

    I hope that makes sense. Another great question from you. Thanks for all the interaction.

  3. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to play around with the shutter speed and see how that works. Your example video looked cool.

  4. Great works! Thank you so much for the videos, I’m watching from the 1st and stopped on this 3rd to thanks already. You make it easy for us since you do it with passion where the teachers, or online tutorial, don’t point out little things that essential to build good foundation. I mean I can watch it and imagine seeing through your eyes and noticing things that are essential like “dreamy looking” “light pole on trinity’s head”. As you filming you’re notice everything in the film to perfect your work. We can also discuss and ask question here, and best of all it’s free, it’s for the art, not for the business. Love ya man! :)

  5. Dude, greatwork keep it up!!! i’m beginner camcorder i lrn alot here
    can i know what camera are you using?

  6. The camera I use is a Canon GL2. It’s getting kind of old now. Some time, before too long, I’ll need to upgrade. However, I like the footage I get from the GL2, so I haven’t had enough reason to switch yet.

  7. Just curious about the Canon GL2 that your using. I’ve been shopping around and have heard many excellent things about the GL2 with the exception of the tapes getting caught and an eject warning coming up. Have you ever had problems like this?

  8. Izzy! You rock! Love your stuff including paperclipping.com. I also have a PMW EX1 and am developing a web-based Production Company. Couldn’t help but notice the stikles experiment in 16:9 but not HD – embedded via vimeo.
    If you will share how you did this I would love to know. It’s too cool.
    Also, how do you like your EX1? I’m thrilled, with one caveat; the camera is so good in low light I have to remind myself that even very slow pans will smear and shake in compressed post formats like this: http://www.vimeo.com/942395 (password – fraser).
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fraser,

    Hey thanks for the kind words!

    I’m not sure if there’s any trick to getting 16×9 in Vimeo without doing HD. I didn’t do anything special. I simply uploaded the iPod version of the MP4 file (which is already 16×9 before I upload). I don’t like waiting for the large files to upload so I kind of avoid uploading a full HD version.

    And the EX1? I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I wish it wasn’t so big, because I’d really love to take it with me everywhere I go. Capturing the HD footage with such great color reproduction is a real treat. I’m just glad that I’m alive at this crazy time when people like us can shoot, edit, and post this amazing quality footage to the web.

    By the way, I spent some time on your website. Very impressive work you’re doing!

    Thanks for watching!

  10. What do you think about using the 1/30th shutter speed on your GL2? If you’re working at 29.97 fps would/could this present any problems.

  11. Tyler,

    I use that setting all the time. With the GL2 in Frame Mode, it looks pretty good at 1/30th shutter speed. Personally, I use 1/60th more often, but 1/30th is great too.

    Good luck!

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