Izzy Video 181 – How to Create Screencasts, Part One

Recently I’ve been getting all kinds of questions that have to do with screencasts. How do I create them? What equipment do I need? What software do I use? How do I make them interesting? Should I use a script or not?

You get the idea. Lots of questions.

Anyway, I decided to create a mini-course that answers these questions. I’ve posted part one on the member site. Members can check it out.

This will be in three parts, released to the members only, over the next few weeks.

What am I covering in the video series? Basically everything I’ve learned about screencasting.

The full version of this video is for members only.

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About the Author: I’m Izzy Hyman, and I specialize in making video simple and easy to understand. Check out my free video tutorials or join thousands of people as an Izzy Video Member.

One thought on “Izzy Video 181 – How to Create Screencasts, Part One

  1. Hi Izzy,
    Long time fan.
    I really appreciate your willingness to help others with video.
    Hey, have you seen the new car commercial from Ford?
    They use the exact same music that you used to use in the intro to your videos.
    That music will forever be in my head because I have watched all of your tutorials.

    Thanks fror all you do !

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