2 thoughts on “Izzy Video 005 – Panning

  1. I have been seriously enjoying your video tutorials. I enjoyed the “strange video” vidcast when you had it on, and would like to see more, but the new video tutorials are above and beyond man. I have taken home videos in the past (some are on my site) and I shudder to think about how bad they are, and how much better they could’ve been if I had known the little I have learned from the tutorials. But I know now, and my family vids are already improving because of it. thanks man! =)

  2. I love the pan cut trick, although i’m not sure I understood it well enough to re-create it myself. Your tutorials are great, because I “know” all this stuff but not so concretely and so to see it demonstrated so elegantly really puts it all in focus for me and makes me feel confident that I understand it well. Thanks for doing this!

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