Izzy Video 028 – Izzy Video and Woven Shadows – Special Combination Edition


With this one, we tried to do something different.

Because so many of the principles are identical in both still photography as well as videography, we decided to try a combination edition of Izzy Video and Woven Shadows.

In this combination approach, we cover some more details of three point lighting. We briefly discuss how to get a nice contrast on the subject’s face between the light side and the shadow side. And finally we review some gear, in this case, a fresnel light. We show the Lowel Fren-L.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know if this worked for you.

This was edited, like all my stuff, with Final Cut Pro.

You can get the video here.

Izzy Video 027 – An Interesting Effect

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to do an interesting effect by using some creative editing (you’ll have to watch the video to see the example). I received the instructions for this effect from a gentleman named Sherman Wing from www.insidestreetball.com. Sherman, thanks for sending in the tip!

I created the effect in Final Cut Pro, and it looks great.

Also, if anybody else in the Izzy Video audience would like to suggest some techniques, please go ahead and leave them in the comments. I enjoy trying new things, and I’m always looking for good ideas.

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Izzy Video 026 – Entrances and Exits


In this video tutorial, I demonstrate an easy way to create natural transitions by having the subject enter and exit the frame during different shots.

By the way, thank you for all the comments on the last podcast. I’m thinking I’ll probably create the series of videos on “how to podcast” and then include them as part of a separate feed, so it won’t get in the way of the regular Izzy Videos. This seems like an appropriate compromise.

It will take me some time to create them, so I’ll let you all know once they’re done.

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Izzy Video 025 – Interesting Lines

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This video tutorial demonstrates how using lines can create a more interesting image. This technique is an easy one to learn, and it’s one you can immediately use whether you’re shooting home or formal video. The principles of cinematography are universal.

This is the link to the video.

And again, thanks for all the amazing feedback. Every day I get many emails from new subscribers praising the series. I appreciate the feedback very much, and it motivates me to make more!

Once you’re done watching this video, you can also watch other free sample episodes.

Izzy Video 021 – Working with Text


I’ve had several requests via feedback and email, asking me to do a tutorial on using text in videos. A lot of people find it challenging because it’s difficult to make text look good on a television screen. Hopefully this podcast will help. Final Cut Pro comes with some versatile text tools, but sometimes it is best not to use them all.

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Izzy Video 019 – Capturing Better Color


In this video tutorial, I overview several items which can help you achieve better color in your mini DV footage.

If your color is still bad, there are many color correction tools that most editing software comes with. It’s best to get good original footage, but if something goes wrong, there’s always a color correction tool for you. Final Cut Pro comes with a couple different color correction options. These are the ones I use.

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