Free Download: Light Spiral Animation Loop

Today I have a free gift for you. It’s an animated video loop for Final Cut Pro.

I’ve embedded the demo above so you can see what it looks like.

Here’s the link to download the animation:

CLICK HERE to download the animation loop. (about 1.5 GB)

Why is the download so large? Well, it’s a 4K animation in ProRes format, so it’s high quality and ready to use in your projects.

Once you have it installed, it will show up in your Generators Browser inside Final Cut Pro. And you can just drag it from the Generators Browser into your Final Cut Pro project to use it.

By the way, you’ll need at least version 10.4.6 of Final Cut Pro (which is the current version as I write this). Also, I’ve included a video inside the download that demonstrates how to install themes and templates in case you need a guide.

I’ve seen single animation loops like this sell on stock video sites for more than $100, but I’m giving this to you as a way of saying thanks for being a subscriber!

I hope it’s useful to you. :)

Edit: For the template to work, you’ll want to make sure you have it in a “Theme Folder” called “Animation Loops”. I’m re-uploading the file with the fix. If you’ve already installed it, here’s the fix. Make sure you have it structured like this:

“User Account > Movies > Motion Templates > Generators > Izzy Video > Animation Loops > Animation Loop 011”

If you have the folder set up like that, it should show up inside the Generators browser in Final Cut Pro without a problem. I hope that helps!

Now Available: “New Dimension” Theme Collection for Final Cut Pro

Product Image for New Dimension theme collection

I’m excited to announce that I just released a new theme collection for Final Cut Pro. It’s called “New Dimension” and you can click on the link below to get more details about it:

CLICK HERE to learn more about the New Dimension theme collection for Final Cut Pro.

This collection marks the first time I used 3D graphics and animation in the themes. This gives the themes added visual interest, but you still have customizable drop zones and customizable text.

And they work in up to 4K projects.

Also, to celebrate the collection’s release, I’m discounting the collection, including a bonus, and including an extra “Fast-Action” bonus for folks who get the collection during the first 48 hours.

Click the link above to learn more about everything that’s included.

I’m excited to offer this new collection of themes, and I hope you’re able to get plenty of use from them!

Now Available: “Many Moments” Theme Collection for Final Cut Pro

I’m excited to announce that “Many Moments”, my new theme collection for Final Cut Pro, is now available!

This is a bundle of 10 themes, and they’re all video walls with lots of drop zones.

All of the details about this new release are on this page:

Learn about the Many Moments theme collection.

Make sure you take a look right away, because there are some time-sensitive bonuses involved. :)