How to Use the Music and Sound Browser to Access Your Custom Music Library Inside Final Cut Pro X

If you’re making videos in Final Cut Pro X, chances are that you’re also building up a royalty-free music library over time.

(These are usually pieces of music that you can use in your video projects without having to pay royalties.)

Did you know that Final Cut Pro X has a way to make your custom music library easily available from inside the app?

Take a look at this video to see how to set it up:

One additional tip I might add to the video:

If you plan on having a folder where you continuously add new royalty-free music, then you might want to put it in your user account’s “Music” folder.

For example, you could create a folder in your “Music” folder called “Izzy Video Music” and then put all the royalty-free music you download from Izzy Video there.

Of course you could also be more general and just name the folder “Royalty-Free Music”. But if you get music from different sources, then having them be named after the specific sources might be helpful from an organizational stand-point.

(In the embedded video, I created a folder on the “Desktop”, but that was just for demonstration purposes.)

Anyway, I think it makes sense to create a folder for your royalty-free music and drop the files in there as you collect them. This gives you easy access to your custom music collection from inside Final Cut Pro X.

And anything that makes auditioning and adding music faster can be great for us when we’re working on video projects.

24 thoughts on “How to Use the Music and Sound Browser to Access Your Custom Music Library Inside Final Cut Pro X

  1. Great tip! Thank you Izzy. It’s also a great way to avoid cluttering up iTunes with jingles and other music that you prefer to not have in iTunes. It’s prompted me to move some tracks I have in iTunes to a separate folder in my Music folder, while still having direct access from Final Cut Pro X – so thanks again!

  2. You bailed me out again Izzy. I’m just at the point of adding music to a project and have been fussing around trying to simplify organization of and access to various tunes. This is just what I need and very timely too!

    Thank you, thank you. :)

  3. A question Izzy: I did what you show in your video and it works well. Now I’d like to move the folder and content I created from my Desktop into my Music directory. Moving it was easy but then FCPX doesn’t see it. Is there a straightforward way to accomplish this or do I need to start over, create a new folder where I want it and then move my media to it?


    1. Ed, yes you can remove the folder from the Sound Browser in FCPX. Then move the folder to your Music folder. Then drag it back into the Sound Browser in FCPX.

      Final Cut Pro X won’t know that you moved the folder on your hard drive, so you’ll have to drag it back in.

      Hope that helps…

  4. Something is wrong. When I drag and drop to the Izzy folder, the clips are added to my video project, which is not my intent, and not to the Izzy folder, which is my intent. I amusing FCPX 10.2.3, option-clicking-and-dragging, but it is happening as I describe, rather than as the video describes.

  5. I’m relatively new to FCP. The tips has been great but I was wondering if you drag the music into the folder in the music browser, are you duplicating the music on the hard drive or is it just a place holder?

    1. This option doesn’t exist anymore in 10.3, but I’m testing a couple alternatives to see which I prefer in actual workflow. Once I settle on something, I’ll make a new video.

  6. Have you found a way to do this or something similar in FCPX 10.4? I would love to do what you demonstrate in this video.

    1. Hi Sam, there isn’t an elegant solution for this anymore, unfortunately.

      There’s a workaround, but it’s not awesome (which is why I haven’t demonstrated it yet). In the meantime, I would recommend keeping a folder of music, maybe with subfolders by category.

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