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Bundle of Ten Motion Templates
Today Only $39!

There are three problems with many of the motion graphics templates available out there:

  1. They don’t match the music you already have on your computer.
  2. They don’t include a matching “end slate” asking a viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel (or whatever action you want them to take)
  3. They cost too much (and their licenses are too restrictive).

I saw these as problems (I personally ran into them!), so I decided to see if I could help solve them.

I’m excited to release my first motion template bundle. This is a bundle of ten different templates that I believe solve all of these problems.

Templates Match Music You Already Have on Your Computer

If you open Final Cut Pro X, click on the “Music and Sound Browser” button, click on “iLife Sound Effects”, then choose the “Jingles” category, you’ll likely find many royalty-free songs you can use in your projects.

Each of the templates in my bundle match one of those songs in the Apple iLife collection. To make it easy to remember, I gave each of the templates names that match the associated songs.

To be clear, the songs do not come with my templates (They don’t belong to me, so I can’t include them), but that’s okay because they’re likely already on your computer if you’ve used iMovie or Garageband or other Apple iLife products.

These are the songs that my templates match: Breakbeat, Catwalk, Electric Rodeo, Elysium, Headspin, Offroad, Redondo Beach, Three Pointer, Windy City, and Yearbook.

Templates Include Matching End Slates

If you’re publishing videos on YouTube, or if you want someone to take an action after watching your videos (such as subscribing to your channel, or watching another video), it helps to have an “end slate” after your video that includes a “call to action”.

YouTube has the ability to create a clickable zone on the video, so you might as well ask your viewers to click and subscribe.

Each of the ten themes in this bundle includes an end-slate template. You simply drag and drop it from the Generators browser into your timeline, customize the end slate according to your needs, and you’re good to go.

The look and style of the end slate matches the other templates in the theme. For example, it matches the title, lower third, and transition in the same theme, helping you maintain a consistent look throughout the video.

Low Cost Templates

It’s common to see templates that sell for $50 or more each. My bundle of ten themes might sell for $500 other places.

The price for my bundle is only $59.

Today Only $39!

Liberal License

When you purchase my template bundle, you’re getting a license that gives you freedom to use my templates in a variety of different ways.

You can use the templates in an unlimited number of projects and on unlimited number of computers that you own.

The only restriction is that you can’t resell my templates (individually or as part of a bundle, such as part of a library of motion graphics templates).

Benefits of These Motion Templates

  • Templates are named after the songs they match
  • Templates come with a mini-project, title, lower third, transition, and end slate. With 10 themes, each having 5 templates, you’re getting 50 motion projects in this one bundle.
  • Many published parameters make it easy to customize in Final Cut Pro X (or Motion)
  • Liberal license lets you use the templates in any number of projects and on any number of your computers.
  • Low priced


You must have the most recent version of Motion 5 on your computer to use these templates.

How it works

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be given a download link in your browser (and via email), that you can use to download the zip file containing the templates.

Then you simply unzip the templates, move them into the “Motion Templates” folder in your “Movies” folder, and you’re ready to go.

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