6 thoughts on “Izzy Video 016 – Montage

  1. Good tips on the montage Iz.

    For me though, the montage IS my video, not an intro to the video. Real life is boring (to watch), even a fun bit of life like a vacation or a party.

    i.e. My baby’s birthday party lasted 3 or 4 hours. I have pretty much the whole thing on video, including a couple hundred digital pictures.

    As much as I love my baby, I don’t think I’d ever REALLY sit down and re-live the 4 hour party on video.

    What I typically will do is turn 4 hours into 15 minutes or so, add some nice music, get the precious audio moments (like the birthday song, some funny things, etc..) and make that into the birthday video.

    Figure on reality TV shows, they turn several days of “Survivor” into 40 minutes, and it still can be slow.


  2. Kevin,

    Great feedback. It’s a good idea to turn long, boring video into a short version. The birthday party is a good example.

    I should have mentioned in my episode, that when I say I use a montage to introduce a longer piece, the longer piece is still a highly edited piece. It’s not quite a montage, more like highlights from an event, but still a highly edited piece.

    After watching several of your videos on your website, I can tell that you’re already on to this secret.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  3. I’ve found all of your vlogs about technical matters to be very helpful.

    They’re short and simple and you come away with a simple idea.

    I had no idea as to how to make a montage. It could be used as an opening or an ending or a fantasy/daydream sequence in the middle of a plot.

    The main thing is now I know that the song is the backbone of the montage and you fit the images to the sound.

    Like I said. Basic and simple and easy to remember.

  4. When you mention music.podshow.com is where you get your music to add to your video for public viewing, does that mean that the music there (once purchased) can be used without infringing the copyright?

    I looked ate the site, and it really does not answer that question. I would love to get more royalty free music with talented artist.

    Love the Podcasts.


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