This Final Cut Express Tutorial will help you become comfortable with the interface and show you how to edit in Final Cut Express.

  • 16 videos that can pause and re-watch whenever you want
  • These videos are free to watch on my site.
  • (Optional) You can purchase the downloadable version of this tutorial which includes practice media you can use to follow along. (Scroll down past the table of contents for details.)

I hope you find this Final Cut Express training helpful! Enjoy!

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Final Cut Express Tutorial Contents

  1. Introduction to the Interface
  2. The Viewer
  3. The Canvas and The Timeline
  4. Titles and Transitions
  5. The Difference Between Clips and Media Files
  6. Several More Things to Know
  7. Compositing
  8. Freeze Frames
  9. Filters and Effects
  10. Voiceovers
  11. Markers and Subclips
  12. The Tool Palette
  13. Color Correction
  14. Capture Footage
  15. Log and Transfer
  16. Preferences, Buttons, and Conclusion

Would you like to download this complete course?

You can purchase this course (the tutorial videos and practice media) and immediately download it to your computer. This means you can save it as long as you want and also watch it when you’re offline. The price of the course is $59, but I’m currently discounting it to only $47. Click on the “Add to Cart” button below to purchase the course:

* Please note that I’m using Final Cut Express 4 in these videos, although much of the content would apply to older versions as well.

10 thoughts on “Final Cut Express Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Final Cut Express 4

  1. Greetings,
    Can you advise me please if the following instructional package can be purchased and downloaded from your Web site.
    Final Cut Express Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Final Cut Express 4
    Kind regards,
    Pat Costello

  2. I would be willing to buy for 10 dollars at this point in time. I am using it and these videos would be helpful to me since I prefer visual learning..

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