How to Use Keynote with Final Cut Pro X to Make Videos with Animations and Effects – Izzy Video 227

Izzy Video 227

Today I published a new video that demonstrates how to use Apple Keynote with Final Cut Pro X to create videos with animations and effects.

If you have Final Cut Pro X, there’s a pretty good possibility that you also have Keynote on your computer.

And if you want to add titles and animations, Keynote is a great option.

Of course you could always use Motion to do these kinds of things. After all, it’s built for this kind of work.

But for some projects it might be easier and faster to use Keynote.

This workflow video will demonstrate:

  • Examples of the kinds of animations you can create
  • The process of exporting video from Keynote
  • How to important and adjust the video in Final Cut Pro X

Naturally, I share additional information along the way.

This is a members-only video. If you’re not yet an Izzy Video member, click here to learn more:

I hope you find it helpful!

2 thoughts on “How to Use Keynote with Final Cut Pro X to Make Videos with Animations and Effects – Izzy Video 227

  1. Izzy, I have enjoyed izzyvideo for many years and I was one or
    your earliest subscribers; I have found your tutorial clips entertaining, educational
    and inspirational. I love the way you pitch the information at the “everyman” allowing
    us to increase our skills over time. I do not do video work professionally, but
    I have become the “go to guy” for creating video presentation within the
    company, I would like to thank you for this, as most of the skills I use have
    come directly from your tutorials.


    One note of feedback I would like to provide is that all
    your editing examples are in Final cut Pro and/or Motion. I only have a PC and
    not in a position to change to Apple because of other applications I use. Whenever
    you mention new Apple apps, can you please suggest PC apps that are equivalent.
    I currently use Sony Vegas and starting to learn Adobe After Effects

    1. Hi Morph!

      Thanks for the kind words and feedback, and for sticking with me through the years. :)

      And yes, unfortunately I’m not super-familiar with Windows anymore because it’s been so many years since I’ve used it. And I’ve never worked with video on Windows.

      If I know of Windows equivalents, I’ll try to remember to mention them. :)

      All the best,Izzy

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