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Where to Keep Custom Music in Final Cut Pro X – Izzy Video #335

Several people have asked me where to store custom music so you have quick access to it from inside Final Cut Pro X.

There are several different options for doing this. In this video I’ll show you a few different possibilities, including my favorite one.

If you have a collection of royalty-free music that you’d like to be able to access quickly from inside Final Cut Pro X, this video should be useful to you.

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I hope you find the information helpful!

One thought on “Where to Keep Custom Music in Final Cut Pro X – Izzy Video #335

  1. Hi Izzy, I came across your Final Cut Pro X Tutorial and found your classes far more user friendly and relatable than It’s a world of difference.

    I’m transitioning from iMovie to FCP and am making video food shorts for clients. I would like to know how to select the poster frame before exporting the video. I really need it to be the beauty shot of the finished food, not a randomly selected mid-recipe frame. Can you advise? I have googled this extensively and no one seems to have clear advice.

    My other question is if I can use the sound/jingles in FCP if my clients (consumer brands) are posting their videos to social media. Truly the offerings in FCP are perfectly fine for what I need, but I’m afraid not clear if I am free to use them for commercial clients.


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