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Izzy Video Ideas, Episode 2: Smartphone Video Ideas

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I’m happy to announce that I’m officially launching Izzy Video Ideas as a new podcast. This means I’ll post on-going audio recordings that I’m hoping you’ll find useful.

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So what do I cover in this new installment? This time I’m sharing ideas on shooting video with your smartphone. Click below to listen…

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And by the way, this is the Filmic Pro app I mentioned.

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17 thoughts on “Izzy Video Ideas, Episode 2: Smartphone Video Ideas

  1. Looking forward to adding your podcast to my subscription list.  Thanks Izzy.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Happy to hear it! :)

  2. Izzy, nice podcast! The best camera is always the one you have with you, and I always have my phone with me! The quality of these cameras will continue to improve, so why not embrace them now and get used to using them. But I agree that audio on phones is terrible. I’ve been looking for a good mic to add to my phone, but haven’t moved on that yet. Maybe even a portable audio recorder, then put it together in post. Got any suggestions?

    I’m looking forward to future podcasts!

    1. Thanks, Ty!

      When I’m shooting with my iPhone, it’s spontaneous shooting so I don’t worry about the audio qualityIf I need good audio, I use a better camera with an external mic.

  3. Great idea!  Always moving forward Izzy!  Look forward to it! 

    1. Thanks, Tom! Me too. :)

  4. A while ago I took (and uploaded) a ‘take a picture a day’ thing for just over a year. Sometimes I’d be using a Panasonic point and shoot, sometimes using a phone camera.

    Both devices had similar sensor pixel numbers, but the physical lens size of a smartphone camera is only 2 or 3mm across, while the lens size of my point and shoot is about 15mm across.

    Both systems produced great pictures under good lighting conditions, but as soon as you started to get away from the optimum lighting, then the greater light collecting ability of the larger lens device really showed up.

    But then my point and shoot is only designed to do one thing – record images (whether still or video). A smartphone has to browse the internet, send texts, be a mp3 player, play games, be my alarm clock, do e-mail and also take pictures (and I almost forgot – even make phone calls!)
    So I will forgive it when it is less than perfect for its video.

    There is one thing that I really do like about my smartphone and that’s its forward facing camera. I can walk along and video myself talking while monitoring myself on the screen. The microphone on its headphones and microphone lead also gives reasonable speech recording.

      1. In fact, the multi-function nature of the device was something I had intended to bring up in the audio, but I forgot! :)

        Interesting comparison between the two cameras too. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Great initiative – Cheers Izzy!
    Best, Mik

  6. Excellent Podcast, as always. Another downsize with smartphone cameras is obviously noise in low light situation, which becomes greatly exaggerated with the type of lens sensors on these phones. You can use tools such as Neat Video to remove noise to some extent, but when you do not have proper lighting and a decent size lens, you can not expect anything more; but these are smartphone cameras after all, designed for convenience and not to make the next Avatar blockbuster!!!!   Will be interested to hear people’s experience shooting with the new iPhone5 camera. Keep up the great work Izzy.

    1. Great comment, Peter. And good point about the noise. :)

  7. What can I say… “Izzy Video Ideas” is just one more awesome training concept from the master… I went from knowing almost nothing about being a videographer to running a fairly successful video production business solely by watching and practicing Izzy’s extensive list of video tutorials.
    Izzy, your ability to convey “How to training” on a subject that could be completely overwhelming if not presented properly, is outstanding.As far as shooting with the iPhone 5, its pretty darn good for what it is, a smartphone. To capture that spur of the moment magic that’s happening with your children, or significant other, or to capture some type of news worthy incident going down right now, there’s nothing better, (unless you have your ‘video camera’ with you at that moment).So, thank you once again for coming up with another way to share your thoughts and experience with your members and by all means, please keep them coming…   

    1. Wow, what a great comment, Joe! Thanks so much for this. :)

      And congrats on the business success!

  8. Love your practical and clearly articulated tips Izzy. One thing about the iPhone not mentioned though. I have a 4s model and you can set & lock the exposure and focus by touching and holding down on any part of the screen until the square focus box flashes quickly. It will then display AE/AF Lock on the bottom of the screen. How cool is that?

    1. That’s VERY cool, and I didn’t know that! LOL! :)

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