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Izzy Video 171 – Dramatic Lighting

Izzy Video 171

How do you create dramatic lighting? And how do you light for video in a small room?

This video will answer these questions. In the tutorial, I show you the tools and techniques to create high-contrast, dramatic lighting. And the great thing about this technique is that it’s ideal for shooting in a small room.

If you need to shoot interview-style videos in a small room, you’ll likely find this tutorial helpful.

And the results can be visually awesome.

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You can click here to watch the trailer.

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6 thoughts on “Izzy Video 171 – Dramatic Lighting

  1. Excellent video, as was the previous lighting one. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and feedback. I’m glad you liked it.

      I really enjoy the lighting videos, so it’s always fun to release new ones. :-)

      I think people could have a lot of fun with this one, for sure…

  2. off topic but who do you use to host videos and get you nice player?


    1. The videos are hosted on Libsyn, and then I use a licensed version of the JW Longtail Player to embed the videos.

      The result is great quality video embedded in the page. I’ve tested different things, and this is the one I like.

  3. Your video instruction is superb. The best I have found on the web so far. Thanks Izzy.

    1. Thanks so much Roberto! Very kind of you to say this. :-)

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