Izzy Video 143 – Big Tips to Get Great Audio from Lavalier Microphones

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UPDATE: For a limited time, I’m making this tutorial available for free to anyone. You can watch it in the above player, or you can right-click here to save it to your computer.

In this members-only episode, I give several tips that I really wish I would’ve known when I was just getting started in video. Sometimes lavalier microphones are the best choice for a shoot, but they can also be frustrating to use.

In this week’s Izzy Video tutorial, I’ll show you things like:

  • How to hide a microphone under clothing
  • How to reduce cable noise by adding strain relief
  • The proper way to attach a lavalier microphone
  • How to best position it

If you use lavalier microphones at all, or if you’re considering using them, this episode should really help. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Izzy Video 143 – Big Tips to Get Great Audio from Lavalier Microphones

  1. Thanks for this one, Izzy. I’ve managed to avoid Lavaliers so far, but it seems inevitable that I’ll have to use them at some point. At least I’ll have this video as a reference tool.

  2. Hi Issac excelent video tutorial,,,, always great content….. Witch service are you using in this video,,,, with the share option to others or optin lead capture when people pause or when the video finish.


  3. Thanks Izzy, I’m new in audio recording for video producing and this is exactly what I was looking for. The problem with clothing noise was my worst nightmare.
    Best regards from São Paulo, Brazil.

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