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Izzy Video 024 – Continuity and Screen Direction


This video tutorial “Continuity and Screen Direction” is all about the one simple principle of keeping the screen direction of the subjects the same from one shot to another in a sequence. It’s one of those fundamental principles.

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6 thoughts on “Izzy Video 024 – Continuity and Screen Direction

  1. […] Hasta ahora su autor, Israel Hyman —un fanático de Apple y un editor de Final Cut Pro—, ha publicado una veintena de video tutoriales que cubren temas como continuidad (y la dirección de objetos y personajes dentro del encuadre), el montaje de fotos fijas, los tres puntos de iluminación, la exposición, efectos con la opacidad, o la diferencia que puede hacer en una imagen, el uso de una luz. […]

  2. Thanks, an enjoyable show. I agree with the comments that it would be nice to learn how to do a podcast video. Especially the bits about converting to sizes that can play on iPods or 3GP phones – cause its begining to look like the future.

  3. It is a great idea to make series of tutorials on how to create video podcast. Your videos are very usefull and quality is amazing. I’d really like to learn how you do it and the best way to learn is from your podcasts. Please, do this!

    Thanks a lot.

  4. hello izzy,

    i wonder which encoder you use.

    it’s mpeg4 simple profile isn’t it?

    i like it, because i play the episodes directliy from my usb-stick pluged into my dvd-player.

    thanks, henrik.

    p.s: i’d like to see episodes about stories. e.g. my mother’s birthday celebrations. should i make a plan BEFORE the day WHAT to film?
    how to?

  5. I’m really enjoying the tutorials. Having trouble, though, downloading numbers 27 on down. Any ideas about why these are not loading?

  6. I want to learn about editing.

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