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  1. Wow what a great site. Keep up the good work. I have a few questions but but for now I am just wondering how you put the 4 views in your intro (split screen in fours) I have Final cut express and I can go under video filter/replicate and get a similar effect but it shows only the same video. any advice?
    Are you going to post anything related to color distortion? What I mean by that is this: Have you seen the movie “Ray” or Trisha Yearwoods “Georgia Rain” video ? the music video seems to have very vivid colors – how do they do that?

    Regarding the movie Ray. When he lost his sight as a boy they flashback to his childhood and that scene where he loses his sight had spectacular colors, the grass was really green and the clay seemed really oarnge, very interesting !
    Do you work with any colors like that?

  2. Tim,

    I love highly saturated stylized video, and although I’m not familiar with the scenes of which you’re speaking, I believe I have an idea of that style. I’ve experimented with the look myself, and I’ve been planning on doing an episode which demonstrates my attempts. Without going into the whole thing here (because I wouldn’t want to spoil my own show :-) ) I’ll just say I use a combination of: 1)increased color saturation, 2)increased contrast, and 3)maybe a color filter on top of that as well.

    Regarding the four screens in my intro. You’ll be surprised when you see how easy it is. I simply place four video layers in Final Cut Pro on top of each other with multiple video tracks (I believe Final Cut Express can do this as well), and then reduce the size of the screen on the “motion” tab to maybe 25% or so. I then click and drag them to where I want them. And that’s it!

    Animating them is a different story. I use keyframes for those. Keyframes are more complex. I’ll likely do a show at some point on animating through keyframes.

    Anyway, I hope that helps at least a little. Thanks for watching. And thanks for the great question.


  3. Hi,

    I recently received an ipod as a gift. Two weeks ago my husband and I purchased our first video camera. Someone told me to check out the podcasts from itunes and I subscribed to yours. I listened to the first 10 espisodes and learned so many helpful things. I wish it were sunny today so I could try the key lighting technique (that is if our puppy would sit still since we don’t have kids at home anymore). I hope to listen to more of your episodes after my battery recharges this afternoon. Thanks for being a great help. Your examples are great.


  4. Many thanks for a great series of video tutorials.
    Even as a person working in this field, it is great to watch your tutorials, allows me to think of alternative ways of doing shots.

  5. I am a form four student in Hong Kong.Now, I am learning how to use the DV camera.I think all the video tutorials in this web site are very useful to me.I have to thanks you a lot for showing the shooting skills.

  6. Love all the help. Great work Izzy.

    Any suggestions on shooting an interview indoors ( like an office) with a window behind the subject showing an day time city skyline?

    Gel the window ??? that can be tough & pricey
    Gel the lights/or get day light blubs ??? can you get enough exposure to compete with a skyline backdrop?

    Any ideas? I get request to shot this all the time. But the backlight issues are really tough.

  7. Izzy Hi,

    I am a massive fan of your podcasts, my brother and I are starting to edit a pilot for community TV here in Brisbane Australia. I have a question for you as you seem to be the guru…I have reached a very competent level of proficiency on FCP however I am having trouble exporting my footage. I can export ok for YouTube and web easy enough however what is the best format to export if i want to create a high quality DVD? I am having real trouble with this part…importing my high quality DV footage is fine, editing is really good however I can not seem to get a good final product. I am using iDVD to create my DVD’s and it seems to be very limited, can you suggest a better software solution or process to help me?

    Ryan Martin

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