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How to Move a Final Cut Pro X Project to a Different Computer – Izzy Video 230

Izzy Video 230

It can be tricky to move a Final Cut Pro X project to a different computer.

Part of the complication comes from the way that Final Cut Pro X works with separate projects and events.

But also, if you’re moving to a laptop computer with an external drive, you might suddenly find your video stutters or drops frames during playback.

These can be issues that make portable editing difficult.

I just published a new video that shows you:

  • The steps for moving your project to a different computer
  • How to test an external hard drive’s speed to see if it will work with your video
  • How to help an under-powered laptop (or older computer) play back video better

Along with showing you how to make your video projects portable, this video should help you understand media management in Final Cut Pro X better.

You’ll find this new video in the Izzy Video Membership library.

Click here to learn about a membership.

I hope you find it helpful!

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