How to Make an Animated Vine or Animated Flourish in Motion 5 – Izzy Video 229

Izzy Video 229

I just published a new video that shows you how to create growing vines (or animated flourishes) using Motion 5.

This is a pretty common organic element in motion graphics projects.

I like to use them in all kinds of places, for example as an elaborate “underline” in a lower third under someone’s name.

Anyway, this new video will show you:

  • How to draw beautiful curved lines, and the best tool for making them
  • How to animate the drawing of the lines, and a way to make them look more natural
  • Several time-saving tips that will dramatically speed up your process

As always, I share additional information along the way.

This is a members-only video. If you’re not yet an Izzy Video member, click here to learn more:

I hope you find it helpful!

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